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World War I, also known as the The Great War, was the first war that nearly all of the countries on the world was involved in, and that racked the world, leaving scars long to be remembered.


World War I officially started on July 28, 1914, and it did not enter the world of the Glen until Rilla was fifteen years old, when a party at the Four Winds Light was crashed on August 4 with the news that Britain had declared war on Germany—and hence Canada was also at war.

Known to be a little too vain and gigglesome before World War I began, Rilla learned to be brave, and yes, serious through those trying four years—when Walter was killed and when Jem was taken captive by the Germans. But looking back, even though it was very hard, Rilla decided she would not take back those years - even if she could.



Date Prince Edward Island Europe
June 28
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered.
June 29
July 28
  • Austrian-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
  • World War I began.
August 2
  • Germany declared war on France.
August 4
  • After violation of Belgian neutrality, Great Britain declared war on Germany.
August 5
August 10
  • Jem and Jerry went away.
  • Dog Monday stayed at the train station and would not budge.
  • Rilla drove about the Glen and Four Winds collecting promised Red Cross supplies and took little Jims Anderson to Ingleside.
  • Rilla founded Junior Reds.
  • Kenneth went to Toronto. Rilla befriended Fred Arnold.
  • Germany occupated Liege, Namur and Brussels.
September 1
  • Germans were near Sénliz, 20 miles from Paris.
  • Battle of the Aisne.
  • the cat (Jekyll/Hyde) broke Susan's dishes.
  • Rilla bought very expensive hat and resolved to wear it for the rest of the war.
  • Jims laughed for the first time.
  • Rilla quarrelled with Irene Howard.
  • Turkey declared war.
  • Antwerp fell.
  • Serbia gathered herself together and struck a deadly blow at her oppressor.
  • Jem was in camp on Salisbury Plain.
  • Germans captured Lodz.
  • Shirley and Walter came home for Christmas.


Date Prince Edward Island Europe
  • Jims celebrated 5 months.
  • Rilla recited in Upper Glen, harbour and Lowbridge.
  • Rilla realized that she loved her war baby and decided to keep him.
  • Little Bruce cried himself to sleep for a week, over the starving Belgians.
  • Czar changed Przemysl to Premysl.
  • Jem sent letter to Gilbert.
  • Battle of Ypres
  • Walter brought Anne the first mayflowers.
  • Jem sent home his letter.
  • Nan got letter from Jerry.
  • Bruce Meredith was worrying over the babies who had drowned.
  • Mary Vance had withdrawn all opposition to Miller Douglas's enlisting.
  • Rilla visited Irene and apologized to her.
  • Lusitania sank.
  • Italy joined World War I.
  • Mid-July: Walter left for the war-front.
  • Nan, Di, and Faith did Red Cross work.
  • Ken Ford visited Ingleside, left for war-front.
  • Warsaw fell to the Germans


Date Prince Edward Island Europe
  • Fred Arnold visits Ingleside before leaving, Rilla refuses his proposal


  • Walter killed at Courcelette
  • Rilla and Una received last letter from Walter.
  • Jims sick, saved by Mary Vance.


Date Prince Edward Island Europe

April 6

  • United States of America declared war on Germany
  • Shirley goes.
  • Jerry shot in back at Vimy Ridge.
  • Bruce brings mayflowers to Anne.
  • Jerusalem captured


Date Prince Edward Island Europe


  • Jem captured by Germans
  • Tide turned
  • Bruce Meredith drowned Stripey to bring Jem back
  • Jem sent telegram and letter, Glen extremely excited
  • Bulgaria asking for peace
  • British broke Hindenburg line
  • Victory!
  • Jims left Ingleside
  • The cat (Jekyll/Hyde) disappeared for good
  • Susan took a honeymoon
  • Carl Meredith and Miller Douglas came back, the first of the Glen boys. Glen welcomed them with a borrowed brass band and speeches.

After the war[]

  • January: Joe Milgrave and Jerry came back.
  • Spring: Jem Blythe came back, Una Meredith took up Household Science, Ken Ford came back and claimed Rilla Blythe with "Rilla-my-Rilla!."
  • Summer: Shirley Blythe came back.
  • Fall: The boys returned to college
  • Unknown: Gertrude Oliver married Robert Grant, Nan Blythe married Jerry Meredith, Jem Blythe married Faith Meredith, Rilla Blythe married Ken Ford, Mary Vance married Miller Douglas.


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