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Windy Poplars, also known as Windy Willows (see the "Behind the scenes" section), is the quaint and picturesque home of Aunt Kate, Aunt Chatty, Rebecca Dew, Dusty Miller and Anne Shirley, during her principalship at Summerside High School.


Physical appearance[]

Windy Poplars was surrounded on all sides by trees, and located on Spook's LaneSummerside. Neighboured by The Evergreens, it was a beautiful old home.


Tower room


Anne Shirley in the tower room.

This cosy room was located in a tower-like structure at the corner of the quaint and beautiful Windy Poplars.

A pleasant place, Anne made many friends there, petted Dusty Miller, read Gilbert's letters and wrote to him, toasted her feet by the stove, graded her students' work, and spent three delightful years there. Described as being extremely small, the tower room was nevertheless very pretty.


Windy Poplars was surrounded by poplars, hence its name. (In some versions, it is surrounded by willows and hence called 'Windy Willows' instead.)


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Behind the scenes[]

  • L.M. Montgomery's initial intended name for the residence was "Windy Willows," but her North American publisher convinced her to change the name to "Windy Poplars" out of concern that the name was too similar to The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Her British publisher retained the original "Windy Willows" title; the UK, Australian, Japanese, and German publications refer to the book and residence as "Windy Willows."


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