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The Tomgallon family was a large family that lived in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Before the rise of the Pringle family, they were once an even bigger royal family. Unfortunately, they all died out after six generations, and the only surviving member of the family that was left was Minerva Tomgallon.

About the family[]

Long before the Pringles, the Tomgallon family was a very prominent and aristocratic family in Summerside. They lived in a very big house that Minerva's great-grandfather, Paul Tomgallon, issued built by an unknown carpenter. Paul held the carpenter to the contract and charged the carpenter more than he expected. The carpenter then cursed the Tomgallons, which began a multi-generation curse that affected the family in odd ways.

The Tomgallons achieved a prominent status within Summerside. However, the curse affected them, causing a slow and steady decline of the prominent family and letting other families, such as the Pringle and Courtaloe families take over. Eventually, after six generations, only one member remained.


Members by birth

  • Alexander Tomgallon — Minerva's uncle, his wife Emilia forced him to marry her against his will
  • Annabella Tomgallon — Minerva's aunt and the handsomest of the Tomgallons, hanged herself in the closet
  • Arthur Tomgallon — Minerva's brother, became a travelling salesman after his wife left him (Windy Willows character)
  • Claude Tomgallon — shot his son by accident (Windy Willows character)
  • Claude Tomgallon's son — was shot by his father (Windy Willows character)
  • David Tomgallon — was haunted by a ghost of his first wife (Windy Willows character)
  • Edgar Tomgallon — took the wrong medicine in the dark (Windy Willows character)
  • Eliza Tomgallon — Minerva's would-be half-aunt, disappeared when she was six years old
  • Ethel Tomgallon — Minerva's great-aunt, died in the bloom of her life (Windy Willows character)
  • James Tomgallon — shot himself in the cellar because a girl he wished to marry threw him over (Windy Willows character)
  • Louise Tomgallon — drank laudanum and could not be trusted again, was spanked by her husband and died of pneumonia
  • Lydia Tomgallon — Minerva's aunt and the only redheaded Tomgallon. She was extremely beautiful, proud and vain. Unfortunately, her beloved red hair caught fire from a candle, which caused her to lose her beauty and forced her to stay inside the house.
  • Mary Tomgallon — Minerva's aunt who had a poor appetite
  • Matthew Tomgallon
  • Minerva Tomgallon — the sole surviving member of the family and occupant of Tomgallon house
  • Minerva Tomgallon's great-great-grandfather — officer of the British Army, father of Paul and James
  • Miss Tomgallon — Minerva's sister, died from a stroke in a rocking chair
  • Mr. Tomgallon — Minerva's father
  • Oscar Tomgallon — came back to life after being thought dead for two days
  • Patience Tomgallon — Minerva's great-aunt who dropped dead while dancing in the ballroom
  • Paul Tomgallon — Minerva's great-grandfather who issued the building of Tomgallon house. On the first night of his residence there, he fell down the staircase and broke his neck.
  • Reuben Tomgallon — the twin of Ronald Tomgallon, whom he always quarrelled with. He was killed by a lightning bolt, which Ronald never got over with.
  • Richard Tomgallon — Minerva's brother, got married against his father's will and was never allowed to enter Tomgallon house after his marriage
  • Ronald Tomgallon — the twin of Reuben Tomgallon, whom he always quarreled with. When Reuben was killed by a lightning bolt, Ronald never got over with his death.
  • Sophia Tomgallon — Minerva's aunt who made good sponge cakes

Members by marriage

  • Arthur Tomgallon's wife — left her husband the night after their wedding and never came back (Windy Willows character)
  • David Tomgallon's first wife — her ghost haunted her husband (Windy Willows character)
  • David Tomgallon's second wife — the second wife of David (Windy Willows character)
  • Emilia Tomgallon — the wife of Alexander Tomgallon, forced him to marry her against his will and poisoned him with a stew of toadstools
  • Minerva Tomgallon's great-great-grandmother — mother of Paul and James
  • Minerva Tomgallon's step-grandmother — the cruel second wife of Minerva's grandfather, mother of Eliza
  • Mrs. Tomgallon — the mother of Minerva, Richard, and Miss Tomgallon.
  • Richard Tomgallon's wife
  • Ronald Tomgallon's wife — swallowed her wedding ring. After this incident, she thought herself unmarried.

Related members

  • Louise Tomgallon's husband
  • Miss Tomgallon's daughter — Minerva's niece, scalded with a pot of boiling water
  • Miss Tomgallon's husband — Minerva's brother-in-law
  • Mr. Tomgallon's niece — orphan niece of Minerva's grandfather, died in a closet during a hot summer day

Related families[]

Family tree[]

Mr. Tomgallon
Mrs. Tomgallon
Paul Tomgallon
Mrs. Paul Tomgallon
James Tomgallon
second wife
Mr. Tomgallon
first wife
Patience Tomgallon
Ethel Tomgallon
Eliza Tomgallon
Mr. Tomgallon
Mrs. Tomgallon
Alexander Tomgallon
Emilia Tomgallon
Annabella Tomgallon
Louise Tomgallon
Lydia Tomgallon
Mary Tomgallon
Reuben Tomgallon
Ronald Tomgallon
Mrs. Ronald Tomgallon
Sophia Tomgallon
Minerva Tomgallon
Arthur Tomgallon
Mrs. Arthur Tomgallon
Richard Tomgallon
Mrs. Richard Tomgallon
Miss Tomgallon


Behind the scenes[]

  • Several members of the Tomgallon family appear only in Anne of Windy Willows, namely Arthur and his wife, Claude and his son, David and his two wives, Edgar, Ethel and James. The fate of Annabella and the appearance of Satan at the Tomgallon family dance are also included.


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