Tom Brown was an American child model and actor, best known for his role of Gilbert Blythe in 1934 film Anne of Green Gables.



Year Title Role
1924 The Hoosier Schoolmaster Shocky Thompson
1925 The Wrongdoers Little Jimmy
1929 Syncopation Bellhop
The Lady Lies Bob Rossiter
1930 Queen High Jimmy
1932 The Famous Ferguson Case Bruce Foster
Fast Companions Marty Black
Tom Brown of Culver Tom Brown
Hell's Highway Johnny Ellis
1933 Laughter in Hell Barton
Destination Unknown Johnny
Central Airport Neil 'Bud' Blaine
Three-Cornered Moon Eddie Rimplegar
1934 Two Alone Adam
This Side of Heaven Seth Turner
The Witching Hour Clay Thorne
Judge Priest Jerome Priest
Anne of Green Gables Gilbert Blythe
Bachelor of Arts Alec Hamilton
1935 Sweepstake Annie Bill Enright
Mary Jane's Pa King Wagner
Black Sheep Fred Curtis
Annapolis Farewell Morton 'Click' Haley
Freckles Freckles
1936 Gentle Julia Noble Dill
And Sudden Death Jackie Winslow
I'd Give My Life Nickie Elkins
Rose Bowl Paddy O'Riley
1937 In Old Chicago Bob O'Leary
Her Husband Lies 'Chick' Thomas
Maytime Kip Stuart
Jim Hanvey, Detective Don Terry
That's Man Here Again Jimmy Whalen
The Man Who Cried Wolf Tommy Bradley
Navy Blue and Gold Richard Arnold 'Dick' Gates Jr.
1938 Merrily We Live Kane Kilbourne
Goodbye Broadway Chuck Bradford
Swing That Cheer Bob Potter
The Storm Jim Roberts
The Duke of West Point Sonny Drew
1939 Sergeant Madden Albert 'Al' Boylan, Jr.
Big Town Czar Danny Daley
Ex-Champ Bob Hill
These Glamour Girls Homer Ten Eyck
1940 Oh Johnny, How You Can Love Johnny Sandham
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me Tommy Shaw
Sandy Is a Lady Joe Phillips
Margie Bret
1941 Hello, Sucker Bob Wade
Three Sons o' Guns Edward 'Eddie' Patterson
Niagara Falls Tom Wilson
1942 Sleepytime Gal Chick Patterson
Hello, Annapolis Bill Arden
Let's Get Tought! Phil Connors
There's One Born Every Minute Jimmy Hanagan
Youth on Parade Bingo Brown
The Pay Off Guy Norris
1943 The Adventures of Smilin' Jack 'Smilin' Jack Martin
1947 Buck Privates Come Home Bill Gregory
1948 Slippy McGee Father Shanley
1949 Duke of Chicago Jimmy Brody
Ringside Joe O'Hara
1950 Operation Haylift Tom Masters
1953 Cavalcade of America Theodore Roosevelt
1954 Waterfront Fred Collins / George Mallroy
Fireman Save My Child Capt. Bill Peters
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger Paul Ray
The Public Defender Dan Stewart / Soapy Moore
1954 - 1955 Willy Charlie's Friend / Terry
The Whistler Eddie / Keith / Ralph
1954 - 1957 The Lone Ranger

Various Characters

1955 The Adventures of Falcon Lee Marshal
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Captain Barney O'Keefe
1956 The Fisher Family Bob
Matinee Theatre
I Killed Wild Bill Hickok Wild Bill Hickok
Naked Gun Sonny Glenn
Playhouse 90 Arthur Hanneman
Ethel Barrymore Theatre
1956 - 1957 Lux Video Theatre Captain / Dr. Ledbury / Woodley
1956 - 1958 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Bill Slocum / Frank Burroughs
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre Roy Evans
1957 Dr. Christian Antrim
The Quiet Gun John Reilly
Hey, Jeannie! Conway
The O. Henry Playhouse
Circus Boy Ned Bailey
Code 3 Sgt. Bob Nelson
Maverick Poker Player
Official Detective Novak
1958 Notorious Mr. Monks Payson
Zane Grey Theatre Sheriff
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Jeff Purky
How to Marry a Millionaire Perry Leff
Have Gun - Will Travel Bob Pelley
December Bride Ralph Turner
1958 - 1959 Sea Hunt Various Characters
1959 Mackenzie's Raiders Val Carter
The Bob Cummings Show Watson
Sugarfoot Pete Rayle
Perry Mason Jarvis
World of Giants Deputy Sheriff
Colt .45 Sheriff Frank Willis
1959 - 1960 Mr. Lucky Lieutenant Rovacs
1959 - 1961 Peter Gunn Charlie Toomey / Sammy Hayes
1959 - 1975 Gunsmoke
1960 Lock Up Art Davies
Lassie Joe Morgan
Men Into Space Maj. Franklin
1961 Pete and Gladys Raymond
77 Sunset Strip Lou Maxton
The Choppers Tom Hart
1962 The Rifleman Sheriff
Ripcord Frederick Stanton
The Untouchables Captain Bellows
1963 McHale's Navy The Medical Officer
General Hospital
1964 Ben Hope Presents the Chysler Theatre Fred Blaine
1966 Mister Roberts Admiral Morrison
1967 - 1968 Cimarron Strip Charlie Ives / Sheriff Tom Phillips
1969 The Name of the Game Warden Crane
1970 Cutter's Trail Orville Mason
The High Chaparral Cap
1975 - 1976 Days of Our Lives Nathan Curtis
1975 - 1979 The Jeffersons Emcee / Radio Announcer
1976 Ellery Queen Marvin

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