• Hi Susannah!

    Well, this would be long, I think. A really long time ago I wrote to that Message Box on GGF website that we here like that show and consider it a proper adaptation so we make pages for episodes, actors etc. Some time later, there was a reply from Marie Trotter and since then I was in contact with her - she provided me some info that I needed to upload on IMDb or here.

    I wrote email to Marie a few days ago and asked for a permission to legally use their images. Good news! We've got it!

    But there was something in her reply that I want to discuss with you. I'm gonna copy it here as there is no way to contact you privately:

    "I have a request to make- we've had some concerns lately about our actors' and showrunners' privacy on the Internet. Several of them do not intend to pursue a career in acting or webseries after this show is finished, and therefore are concerned about having Wiki and IMDb pages. For simplicity's sake (and I know you've put a lot of work in the actors' pages), we're going to ask that you remove all the actor and showrunner pages from the Wiki and IMDb. Please know that we really do appreciate your hard work in creating a solid database of information! But we would like to keep our personal lives private- so the pages for Mandy, Chris, Ravyn, Eliza, Abigail, Tanner, and Darcy need to come down. I sincerely apologize, I would have told you much earlier had I known- but this problem only came up recently, from concerns from some of our team members."

    About IMDb... I already replied, as I take care of all the IMDb stuff connected to AoGG. Shortly: There are only two options: delete all the cast and crew info from IMDb (as that is the only way to remove actors pages) or keep it as it is now (with no personal info, just name and filmography).

    However, our pages... I'm not the only admin, that's why I want to discuss it with you. What do you think? I'm not really sure about what to do. I mean, HP wiki has a page for actor who played a goblin in the background and we would not have a page for person who played our Anne? But I respect their privacy... I was thinking about having a page with almost no information. No photo, no biography, no filmography, no social media links. Just the first sentence, imagesof template (link to the behind the scenes photos) and external link to IMDb. But I really wanna know your opinion so we can tell Marie what we're gonna do.

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    • Well, this is a pickle.

      I have written out several responses to this, most of them not very articulate, so this is the result. Even though I never had anything to do with IMDb pages or GGF wiki pages for things other than episodes, I do feel partly responsible for this. I felt uncomfortable when I saw that you added FB links and things like that, but since I hate confrontations (even on the internet!), I didn't talk to you about it. Also, I've never contacted any member of GGF, privately or publicly, so I had no idea how they felt about it all. In hindsight, I should have checked before we veered into privacy-violating territory.

      • breathes deeply*

      Anyhow, there's nothing we can do about the past, so all we can do is to try and make things right. I would argue that IMDb pages for cast & crew (cc) members are not really necessary -- we should keep the focus on the episodes and the webseries. But since I'm not familiar with the inner workings of IMDb, here's my suggestion for the rest of the problem:

      I think what you considered for the changes to our wiki pages is good. Run them by Marie and make sure that she and the rest of the GGF crew agree and are completely OK with it before you assume or do anything. But if they want us to delete the pages completely, we'll have to do it.

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    • You should've stopped me then! :D I was thinking about it when I added the links to Mandy and Ravyn, I wasn't sure, but somehow I chose the wrong option. I'm sorry as I'm the responsible person. Maybe our links were not the main reason for them to feel not safe, but they might have created an easier way for someone to bother them.

      Here's what Marie replied: "For the Wiki- we're okay with having the actors listed, of course, but personal information really must come down. ... So in recap- IMDb can stay exactly as is, sorry for the misunderstanding, and on the Wiki, we ask that you remove personal information."

      So... IMDb is fine. I'm not gonna change anything. And here on Wiki - as I suggested yesterday, I'm gonna remove all the personal info as they are OK with having pages here (without personal info, of course).

      By the way, we should find a way to comunicate privately as it's kind of uncomfortable (at least) for me to discuss some delicate issues here where everyone can see it.

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    • I think I have a solution: send me a note with your personal email to (which I run), and I'll reply using my personal email. If you want to use something other than emails, that's fine, but I thought it'd be easiest.

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    • That's a great idea!

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    • A Kindred Spirit
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