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"The Son of His Mother" is a short story by Lucy Maud Montgomery published in Further Chronicles of Avonlea in 1920.


After being forbidden by his mother to court Damaris Garland, Chester Carewe grows reckless and heads out to sea during a storm. When Joe Raymond's boat is found washed up on the Blue Point shore without sign of Chester or Joe, Thyra Carewe assumes the worst and seeks redemption for her overbearing nature.


Read: Further Chronicles of Avonlea (Chapter 10: The Son of His Mother)


Main characters

  • Thyra Carewe
  • Chester Carewe
  • Damaris Garland
  • Carl White
  • Cynthia White

Minor characters

  • Abel Blair
  • Martha Blair (mentioned only)
  • May Blair (mentioned only)
  • Tom Blair (mentioned only)
  • Luke Carewe (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Garland (mentioned only)
  • Uncle Horatio (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Lincoln (mentioned only)
  • Mike McCready (mentioned only)
  • Joe Raymond (mentioned only)
  • August Vorst
  • Jeanette White
  • Chester's dog


  • Atlantic Ocean (mentioned only)
  • Avonlea
  • Avonlea harbour (mentioned only)
  • Avonlea Post Office (mentioned only)
  • Blue Point (mentioned only)
  • Carewe house
  • Magdalen Islands (mentioned only)
  • Quebec (mentioned only)
  • Tom Blair's house (mentioned only)


  • Nora Lee boat (mentioned only)

Behind the scenes[]

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