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The Evergreens is a gloomy house located on Spook's Lane in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.



The Campbell Residence at The Evergreens[]

Mrs. Campbell has always lived at The Evergreens. Martha Monkman (the Woman), and Elizabeth Grayson also called the Evergreens home — if one could call such a place home! Elizabeth hated it... its silence... its gloominess... its dread... its mournful sorrow. Anne Shirley, when she visited, was taken back by the horrible solemnity. Nonetheless, she did her best to make sure Elizabeth got out more.

To Anne's delight, Elizabeth did get out more! Eventually, little Elizabeth moved away, at her father's side. Mrs. Campbell and the Woman were supposedly reluctant, although they did not show sincere signs.

Physical appearance[]

Neighboured on the nearest side by Windy Poplars, it was shrouded and surronded by evergreens and a dusty place.


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