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"Strictly Melodrama" is the fifth episode of Season 5 of Road to Avonlea and the 57th episode overall.


It’s the annual Drama competition and after losing 22 years in a row, Hetty finally has an ace up her sleeve; Muriel Stacey, who had the lead in Avonlea’s last winning entry, will play the lead. Hetty is so confident Avonlea will win that she wagers her secret family recipe for the famous King cranberry pie in a bet with arch rival Eleanor McHugh.



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Alec King: Are there any elves in it?

Felicity King: You don't talk to Mrs. Lynde, you listen.

Rachel Lynde: These are maple trees; they're supposed to be that color.

Elbert Wertz: Mrs. Lynde has the voice of a moose.
Felix King: And all the same charms.

Hetty King: Best good cheer, now that's drivel.

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