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The Story Club was a club started by Anne Shirley and Diana Barry.


Story Club was founded in spring 1878 in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, by Anne Shirley and Diana Barry. The club was originally created for the two of them, but membership soon extended to Jane Andrews and Ruby Gillis.


Each girl would write one story during the week. Then, Anne, Diana, Jane, and Ruby came together once a week to read stories they had written. Every member wrote stories under their nom de plume.


Originally, Story Club was limited to Diana and Anne, but soon it was extended to include Jane and Ruby and one or two others who felt that their imaginations needed cultivating.

"No boys were allowed in it - although Ruby Gillis opined that their admission would make it more exciting."
Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 26[src]

Anne Shirley[]

Anne Shirley was the principal member of the club. As the founder, of course, she had some right to the title. Also, her vivid imagination added great spice and adventure to the club. As every member wrote stories under a nom de plume, Anne chose Rosamond Montmorency as her pen name.

"The other girls are always asking me what to write about, Marilla... which is alright, because I have heaps of stories, you know."
—Anne to Marilla about the Story Club[src]

Diana Barry[]

Diana Barry, the second member of the Story Club, although a welcome addition, has a tendency to kill off her characters too soon.

"Diana puts too many murders into her stories. She says she has so many characters that she doesn't know what to do with them, and kills them right off."
—Anne to Marilla about Diana's stories in Story Club[src]

Jane Andrews[]

Jane Andrews was the third member of the club. Her stories were extremely sensible as she was very practical and didn't have big imagination. That was reflected in her stories, because they were known to be far too dull. Jane felt very silly when she had to read her stories all aloud.

"Jane never puts either murder or romance in her stories. She says it makes her feel silly to read it all aloud. And none is very bad, Marilla."
—Anne to Marilla about Jane's stories in Story Club.[src]

Ruby Gillis[]

Ruby Gillis was the fourth and last-to-be-added member of the Story Club and her stories were rather sentimental. Ruby was infamous for having too much lovemaking in her stories - probably because she was very romantical and she heard a lot of love stories from her sisters as they had many beaus.

"And too much, Marilla, is nearly worse than too little."
—Anne to Marilla about Ruby's stories in Story Club[src]


Although the girls loved the Story Club, it faded away as they grew older and married. Anne and Jane both moved away to other places after their respective marriages, while Diana remained in Avonlea. After her death in August 1884, Ruby Gillis was buried in Avonlea.


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