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Stephen "Steve" Irving was the father of Paul Irving by his first wife, an unknown Yankee woman, and the son of Mrs. Irving. He later remarried to his old sweetheart, Lavendar Lewis.


Early life[]

Stephen was born in 1830s in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Irving. He was raised there and attended Avonlea school at the age of six.

Courtship with Lavendar[]

In 'the early days', Stephen Irving, the tall young man of the Irving place on White Sands road, was courting Lavendar Lewis, then quite the young lady. It is known that Lavendar and Stephen loved each other—but quarrelled. That quarrel was to be something that marred both their lives forever.

Marriage with an American[]

When Stephen Irving moved off the Island after his quarrel with Lavendar, he went to America. The name, birthplace or lineage of his wife is unknown. A 'Yankee', she was not held in high regard by any on the Island. However, she did give birth to the beloved Paul Irving, the imagnitive poetical lad.


Stephen's fatherhood experiences are unknown. He was often absent and in the United States, it appears, but his nine-year-old son loved him dearly. Stephen would send him gifts and such, including a picture of the much loved and missed 'Little Mother'.

Marriage with Lavendar[]

When Anne Shirley and Diana Barry took the wrong path on an expedition to go to tea at a friends, they found a quaint little stone house, with even quainter occupants. Echo Lodge, the residence of Lavendar Lewis and Leanora Bowman, welcomed the girls instantly. Anne Shirley, the teacher of the Avonlea School at the time, struck up a friendship with Miss Lavendar, and asked if Paul, her pupil, could come visit. Paul did, and wrote to his father about Miss Lavendar. When Stephen Irving recieved the letter containing news of the girl he had loved in his youth, that finished his decision to visit Avonlea, his son, his mother, and possibly Lavendar. A delighted Paul woke up to find his father in his grandmother's home.

Anne was the bearer of Stephen's request to visit Miss Lavendar. Miss Lavendar complied, and Stephen visited... to result in an engagement, and a charming wedding. They married in summer 1883 in Echo Lodge and went to Boston, USA.


Physical appearance[]


Stephen is a male given name of Greek origin and means crowned or garland.

  • Stephen shared name with Stephen Clark, Reverend Stephen Leonard, Stephen Pringle, and with Stephen Flagg.

Behind the scenes[]


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