Stella Maynard was one of Anne Shirley's friends, a student of Queen's Academy and Redmond College and a resident of Patty's Place.


Early lifeEdit

Stella was born in the 1860s to Mr. and Mrs. Maynard somewhere on Prince Edward Island. She was raised there and most likely started at her local school at the age of six. At some point, she decided to continue her studies at Queen's Academy. Stella successfully passed the Entrance and became a student of the Academy.


Queen's AcademyEdit

In September 1879, she started her first year at Queen's. The next year, Priscilla Grant and Anne Shirley joined her second year class, because they took two years in one. The girls befriended one another. Anne and Stella became especially close, with Anne going on to call her friend "the dearest girl in the world" - bar Diana.

In June 1881, Anne, Pris and Gilbert graduated, but not Stella. She took the third year at the Academy and stayed in Charlottetown for another year. Anne often wrote Stella letters to her boarding house. Stella stayed in Charlottetown for the whole school year, except on holidays. That was the reason why she wasn't at the Golden Picnic, when Anne, Diana, Jane and Priscilla discovered Hester Gray's garden.

After graduating, Stella became a teacher in a back country school. She boarded in a small village and taught there for two years.

"I'm tired of teaching in a back country school. Some day I'm going to write a treatise on 'The Trials of a Country Schoolmarm'."
—Stella in her letter to Anne Shirley.

Redmond CollegeEdit

Later lifeEdit

Stella moved to Vancouver. She wasn't at Anne's and Gilbert's wedding. She married and had one son, who enlisted in World War I in September 1914, along with Jack Wright, Priscilla's son, Jane's son, Billy's son and both Phil's sons.

"Even Billy Andrews' boy is going—and Jane's only son—and Diana's little Jack. Priscilla's son has gone from Japan and Stella's from Vancouver—and both the Rev. Jo's boys. Philippa writes that her boys 'went right away, not being afflicted with her indecision.'"
—Anne tells Ingleside news of the boys going off to war[src]


"In the Academy Anne gradually drew a little circle of friends about her, thoughtful, imaginative, ambitious students like herself. With the "rose-red" girl, Stella Maynard, and the "dream girl," Priscilla Grant, she soon became intimate, finding the latter pale spiritual-looking maiden to be full to the brim of mischief and pranks and fun, while the vivid, black-eyed Stella had a heartful of wistful dreams and fancies, as aerial and rainbow-like as Anne's own."
—The beginning of Anne Shirley's friendship with Stella and Priscilla[src]

Physical appearanceEdit

"In the Second Year classes Stella Maynard carried off the palm for beauty."
—Stella's appearance at Queen's[src]


Stella is a female given name of Latin origin and means star.

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