Stationmaster was the employee who worked at the Bright River train station.


He was most likely born and raised in Prince Edward Island. He settled down in Bright River and lived there with his wife and son. At some point before 1876, he became the stationmaster at the Bright River train station.

In June 1876, young Anne Shirley got off the five-thirty train in Bright River and was told by Mrs. Spencer to wait for Matthew Cuthbert, the former's new guardian. As there was no sign of Matthew, the stationmaster asked her to go into the ladies' waiting room, but she informed him that she preferred to stay outside, where there was more scope for imagination.[1]

Half an hour later, Matthew arrived and found the stationmaster locking up the ticket office and leaving home for supper. The stationmaster told him about the little girl waiting there for him, much to Matthew's surprise as he was expecting a boy to come. The stationmaster knew nothing about it, explained that only Anne was given into his charge by Mrs. Spencer and suggested that the whole thing was a mistake. He advised Matthew to question the girl, whom he considered to be a case, and left home longing for food.[2]

"Well, you'd better question the girl... I dare say she'll be able to explain— she's got a tongue of her own, that's certain. Maybe they were out of boys of the brand you wanted."


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