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Sir Wilfrid Laurier was the dog of Miranda Pryor.


Given to her as a gift from her betrothed, Joe Milgrave, Miranda worried that her father wouldn't allow her to keep the dog. Fortunately, he did.

During Miranda's wedding, he stayed behind the piano and had a fit.

Miranda couldn't focus on the wedding because of her dog.

"Sir Wilfrid was entrenched in a corner of the room behind Miranda's piano. During his seizure he made the weirdest, most unearthly noises. He would begin with a series of choking, spasmodic sounds, continuing into a gruesome gurgle, and ending up with a strangled howl. Nobody could hear a word Mr. Meredith was saying, except now and then, when Sir Wilfrid stopped for breath. Nobody looked at the bride except Susan, who never dragged her fascinated eyes from Miranda's face—all the others were gazing at the dog. Miranda had been trembling with nervousness but as soon as Sir Wilfrid began his performance she forgot it. All that she could think of was that her dear dog was dying and she could not go to him. She never remembered a word of the ceremony."
Rilla of Ingleside (Chapter 18: A War-Wedding)[src]


Miranda named the dog after her father's political idol, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Liberal leader of Canada.


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