Sebastian "Bash" Lacroix is a crew member of a steamboat, originally from Trinidad, the son of Hazel Lacroix, a friend of Gilbert Blythe, the husband of the late Mary Hanford, and the father of Delphine.


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He meet Gilbert on the steam ship, and though apprehensive at first, they soon warm to each other. After seeing Gilbert deliver a baby, he realizes he wants one himself and yearns to get off the ship and settle down. Together, the two make plans to go back to Gilbert's farm on Prince Edward Island and work the land together. Once they get there, everything seems fine until he and Gilbert have a little falling out, but they resolve it and Gilbert ends up being invited to his wedding.

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  • The CBC website describes him as, A Trinidadian sailor who has worked on steamships for ten years. He resents the lack of opportunity in his native country, and the racism that prevents advancement on the ships. He and Gilbert become good friends, and together the pair decide to return to Avonlea and work the Blythe family farm. A kind man, “Bash” yearns to own land of his own and start a family.[1]


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