Sebastian "Bash" Lacroix is a former trimmer on S.S. Primrose, and the son of Hazel Lacroix. Originally from Trinidad, he would eventually become a friend of Gilbert Blythe, the husband of the late Mary Hanford, and the father of Delphine Lacroix.


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He first met Gilbert on the steam ship at sea, and though a little apprehensive of him at first because of his singing and cheerful attitude, they soon warmed up to each other, and became best friends. After seeing Gilbert help a black women named Ruth deliver a baby, he realized he wanted to have a child himself, and yearned to get off the ship, and start a family of his own on land. Together, the two made plans to go back to Gilbert's farm in Avonlea on Prince Edward island, and work the land together. Once they got there and settled in, everything seemed fine, and they worked well together, until they had a little falling out about Gilbert leaving early for college. They managed to resolve it later and Gilbert ended up being invited to his wedding.

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Delphine was introduced in the first episode of the third season as the daughter of Bash and his late wife, Mary. Bash loved Delphine with all his heart, and did his best to care for her. Prior to her passing, under the advice of Anne, Mary writes a letter to Delphine which Bash is expected to give to her when she is older. Anne also creates a book of Mary's recipes for Delphine which she presents to Mary at the Easter dinner before she dies. Bash took care of her all he could after Mary's death, and always loved her.

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Hazel was introduced in the second season as the mother of Bash. Hazel is kept in slavery in Trinidad. When Bash and Gilbert visit her, she has to pretend she doesn't know them, because she has to care for the other children who she serves. Bash later reveals that she had done this his whole life, making him feel like she didn't care for him. In season 3 Bash sends for her from Trinidad when Rachel Lynde insists he should remarry. Throughout the rest of the season Bash is surprised that she has come. However the two have very different views on parenting and constantly argue.

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Bash meets Anne when they are invited to the Cuthberts' house for Christmas dinner. He is surprised by her awe at meeting a man of colour, but quickly recovers and the two do become good friends.

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  • The CBC website describes him as, A Trinidadian sailor who has worked on steamships for ten years. He resents the lack of opportunity in his native country, and the racism that prevents advancement on the ships. He and Gilbert become good friends, and together the pair decide to return to Avonlea and work the Blythe family farm. A kind man, “Bash” yearns to own land of his own and start a family.[1]


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