Season 7 is the seventh and final season of Road to Avonlea (1990–1996). It premiered with "Out of the Ashes" on January 14, 1996, and ended with "So Dear to My Heart" on March 31, 1996.


The King family copes with difficult personal and community changes that threaten to change their lives forever.

Felicity and Stuart open a foundling home for orphans. Izzy's Aunt Lilian visits and plans to take Izzy to Boston, but Felix attempts to get her to stay.

The Avonlea schoolhouse is threatened with closure and Hetty challenges Carmody to a contest to keep it open. The Avonlea cannery burns to the ground and Jasper and Olivia plan to leave for England.

Felicity accepts Stuart's marriage proposal, but when she receives word that Gus may still be alive, the wedding is postponed.

Road to Avonlea’s seventh and final season is the dramatic culmination of over seven years of excellence in dramatic programming.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Recurring cast

  • Brenda Devine as Mrs. Bradley (1/13)
  • David Gardner as Horace Beck (1/13)
  • Karen Glave as Odelia (1/13)
  • Ryan Gosling as Bret McNulty (1/13)
  • David Hemblen as Lemuel Snibb (1/13)
  • Carolyn Hetherington as Mrs. Sandborn-Ellis (1/13)
  • Andrew Jackson as Goliath (1/13)
  • Géza Kovács as Mr. Skinner (1/13)
  • Jackie Laidlaw as Mrs. Skinner (1/13)
  • Eugene Levy as Rudy Blaine (1/13)
  • Louisa Martin as Phoebe MacDougall (1/13)
  • Shawn Mathieson as Jimmy (1/13)
  • Sheila McCarthy as Betty Blaine (1/13)
  • Frank Pellegrino as Professr Rizelli (1/13)
  • Sarah Polley as Sara Stanley (1/13)
  • Toby Proctor as Morgan Pettibone (1/13)
  • Karl Pruner as Malcolm MacEwan (1/13)
  • Jackie Richardson as Megget Lydie (1/13)
  • Bradley Sewell as Montgomery Dale (1/13)
  • Brendan Sewell as Montgomery Dale (1/13)
  • Michael Tait as Mr. Tumbridge (1/13)
  • Patricia Vanstone as Mrs. Hubble (1/13)
  • Dianne Wiest as Lillian Hepworth


  • Miranda Jade as Orphan Girl (2/13)
  • Gary Allan as German Tourist Hans (1/13)
  • John Boylan as Man with Mail (1/13)
  • Harold Burke as Minister (1/13)
  • Alan Clifton as Knight (1/13)
  • Ray Doucette as Policeman (1/13)
  • Karyn Dwyer as Laura (1/13)
  • Michael Fawkes as Surgeon (1/13)
  • Craig Gardner as Jailer (1/13)
  • Dick Grant as Carmody Mayor (1/13)
  • Joan Gregson as Mission Matron (1/13)
  • Carolyn Hay as Co-Worker (1/13)
  • P.J. Heslin as Stevedore (1/13)
  • Robert Hollinger as Crewman (1/13)
  • Jack Jessop as Station Master (1/13)
  • Alan Jordan as Railway Official (1/13)
  • Barry Kennedy as Police Constable (1/13)
  • Robert King as Ticket Agent (1/13)
  • Larry Mannell as Conductor (1/13)
  • Kevin McIntryre as Jewelry Assistant (1/13)
  • Jacqueline McLeod as Matron (1/13)
  • Brian Mifsud as Baseball Player (1/13)
  • Gordon Milroy as Cannery Worker (1/13)
  • Paulino Nunes as Sailor (1/13)
  • Gerry Quigley as Carmody Principal (1/13)
  • David Roemmele as Quint (1/13)
  • David Schurmann as Colonel (1/13)
  • Bob Tennent as Frederick (1/13)
  • Adrian Truss as Cannery Worker (1/13)
  • Lloyd White as Waiter (1/13)


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