Season 4 was the fourth season of Canadian TV series Road to Avonlea (1990–1996). It premiered with "Tug of War" on January 17, 1993, and ended with "Hearth and Home" on April 11, 1993.


Sara and her cousins continue to wreak havoc and land in trouble, much to the adults’ dismay and disapproval.

Olivia goes into labor and nearly loses her baby. Hetty takes a sabbatical from teaching and begins to write pulp romance novels. Clive Pettibone replaces Hetty as school teacher, but his militant methods of teaching becomes intolerable for the schoolboard committee. Gus Pike begins a heated rivalry with Arthur Pettibone over the right to court Felicity. An American Industrialist plans to purchase Avonlea and convert it into a town of the future. Hetty and Jasper arrange a motion picture presentation to show the town the importance of their community and to reject the proposed offer.

In addition to the light-hearted and fun-filled stories that dominated the first three seasons of the series, each of these episodes is a textured and compelling exploration of life in the mythical farming village of Avonlea.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Zachary Ansley as Arthur Pettibone (3/13)
  • Ian D. Clark as Mr. Tremayne (3/13)
  • Kay Hawtrey as Mabel Sloane (2/13)
  • James Mainprize as Duncan Kincaid (2/13)
  • Tara Meyer as Sally Potts (2/13)
  • Albert Millaire as Pierre Lapierre (2/13)
  • R.H. Thomson as Jasper Dale (2/13)
  • Robby Benson as Jonathan Blackwell (1/13)
  • Rummy Bishop as Mr. Packet (1/13)
  • Tom Bishop as Travis Riley (1/13)
  • Domini Blythe as Mrs. Campbell (1/13)
  • Bruce Boa as Mr. Harrison (1/13)
  • Eraldo Campagnolo as Lancelot Dale (1/13)
  • Chuck Campbell as Calvin Murphy (1/13)
  • Cecilia Clermont as Suzette Moreau (1/13)
  • C.J. Fidler as Kitty Riley (1/13)
  • Catherine Fitch as Selena Dale (1/13)
  • Colin Fox as Galileo Dale (1/13)
  • Vanessa Harwood as Olympia Dale (1/13)
  • Michael Hogan as Mr. Dunn (1/13)
  • Keith Knight as Rev. Fitzsimmons (1/13)
  • Tyler Labine as Alphie Bugle (1/13)
  • Peter MacNeill as Emmett Grier (1/13)
  • Damon Redfern as Duke of Arranagh (1/13)
  • Diana Rigg as Lady Blackwell (1/13)
  • Ed Sahely as Gulley Gogarty (1/13)
  • Juliana Saxten as Minerva Dale (1/13)
  • August Schellenberg as Simon Redfox (1/13)
  • Meg Tilly as Evelyn Grier (1/13)
  • Kay Tremblay as Aunt Eliza (1/13)
  • Donald Tripe as Casper Dale (1/13)
  • Treat Williams as Zak Morgan (1/13)


  • Julian Peters as Workman (1/13)/Carriage Driver (1/13)
  • Durward Allen as Guest (1/13)
  • Steven Andrade as Rusty (1/13)
  • Bob Bainborough as Constable (1/13)
  • David Brown as Man (1/13)
  • Harvey Earle as Gun Twirler Double (1/13)
  • Peter Glen as Man Adressing Haggis (1/13)
  • Amanda Hughes as Sara Rider Double (1/13)
  • Casey Kramer as Baby Grier (1/13)
  • Haley Kramer as Baby Grier (1/13)
  • Nial Lancaster as School Boy #2 (1/13)
  • Andrew Lewarne as Fisherman (1/13)
  • James Mainprize as Butler (1/13)
  • Joe Matheson as Footman (1/13)
  • Dick Murphys as Man in Crowd (1/13)
  • Colin O'Meara as Sous Chef (1/13)
  • Ron Payne as Blacksmith (1/13)
  • Glen Peloso as Clerk (1/13)
  • Bob Piedalue as Waiter (1/13)
  • Neil Randfield as School Boy #1 (1/13)
  • Julian Reed as Driver (1/13)
  • Ian Ross as Secretary (1/13)
  • Jennifer Stevenson as The Lunger (1/13)
  • Gail Webster as Miss Langley (1/13)
  • John Weisgerber as Salesman (1/13)

Other cast

  • Luke as Digger (6/13)
  • Lincoln as Ceaser the Horse (1/13)
  • Willow as Methuselah (1/13)


  • Aleksandra Perenic (4/13)
  • Bryan Renfro (3/13)
  • Dan Belley (2/13)
  • Jamie Jones (2/13)
  • Sue Parker (2/13)
  • Marcel Berube (1/13)
  • Mark Brunzell (1/13)
  • Mac Day (1/13)
  • Ron Faucet (1/13)
  • Amanda Hughes (1/13)
  • Christine McMahon (1/13)
  • Rick Parker (1/13)
  • Paul Rutledge (1/13)


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