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Sara Haden was an American actress in Hollywood films who portrayed Rachel Barry in 1934 film Anne of Green Gables.



Year Title Role
1934 Spitfire Etta Dawson
Affairs of a Gentleman Frances Bennett
Finishing School Miss Fisher
The Life of Vergie Winters Winnie Belle
Hat, Coat, and Glove The Secretary
The Fountain Susie
The White Parade Miss Harrington
Anne of Green Gables Rachel Barry
Music in the Air Martha
1935 Black Fury Sophie Shemanski
Mad Love Marie
O'Shaughnessy's Boy Martha Shields
Way Down East Cordelia Peabody
Magnificent Obsession Nancy Ashford
1936 Everybody's Old Man Susan Franklin
Captain January Agatha Morgan
Half Angel Henrietta Hargraves
Little Miss Nobody Teresa Lewis
Poor Little Rich Girl Collins
The Crime of Dr. Forbes Anna Burkhart
Can This Be Dixie? Beauregard Peachtree
Reunion Ellie
Laughing at Trouble Jennie Nevins
1937 Under Cover of Night Janet Griswald
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Anna
A Family Affair Milly Forrest
The Barrier Mrs. John 'Alluna' Gale
First Lady Mrs. Mason
You're Only Young Once Milly Forrest
1938 Out West with the Hardys Milly Forrest
1939 Four Girls in White Miss Bennett
The Hardys Ride High Milly Forrest
Tell No Tales Miss Brendon
Angel of Mercy Clara Barton
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever Milly Forrest
Think First Policewoman
The Secret of Dr. Kildare Nora
Remember? Miss Wilson
Judge Hardy and Son Milly Forrest
1940 The Shop Around the Corner Flora
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante Milly Forrest
Boom Town Miss Barnes
Hullabaloo Sue Merriweather
Keeping Company Mrs. Foster
1941 The Trial of Mary Dugan Miss Matthews
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Milly Forrest
Barnacle Bill Aunt Letty
Washington Melodrama Harriet Harrington
Love Crazy Cecilia Landis
Life Begins for Andy Hardy Milly Forrest
Come Back, Miss Pipps Miss Pipps
H.M. Pulham, Esq. Miss Rollo
1942 Woman of the Year Matron
The Courtship of Andy Hardy Milly Forrest
The Affairs of Martha Justin I. Peacock
Somewhere I'll Find You Miss Coulter
Andy Hardy's Double Life Milly Forrest
1943 The Youngest Profession Sister Lassie
Above Suspicion Aunt Hattie
Pilot #5 Landlady
Best Foot Forward Miss Talbert
Thousands Cheer Second Nurse
Lost Angel Rhoda Kitterick
1944 Broadway Rhythm Miss Wynn
Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble Milly Forrest
1945 Our Vines Have Tender Grapes Mrs. Bjornson
She Wouldn't Say Yes Laura Pitts
1946 She-Wolf of London Martha Winthrop
Bad Bascomb Tillie Lovejoy
Our Hearts Were Growing Up Miss Dill
Mr. Ace Alma Rhodes
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy Milly Forrest
1947 The Bishop's Wife Mildred Cassaway
1948 Rachel and the Stranger Mrs. Jackson
1949 The Big Cat Mary Cooper
Roughshod Ma Wyatt
1950 The Great Rupert Katie Dingle
A Life of Her Own Smitty
1951 The Bigelow Theatre
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Ma Slocum
1952 Rodeo Agatha Cartwright
Front Page Detective
Wagons West Mrs. Cyrus Cook
The Abbott and Costello Show Mrs. Bronson
1953 General Electric Theater
Mr. & Mrs. North Janice Walker
A Lion Is in the Streets Lula May McManamee
Of Time and the River
1953 - 1957 The Ford Television Theatre Various Characters
1954 Kraft Television Theatre
Outlaw's Daughter Mrs. Merril
1955 Cavalcade of America
Damon Runyon Theater
Betrayed Woman Head Guard Darcy
Celebrity Playhouse
Lux Video Theatre Mrs. Minnett
The Millionaire Miss Kendis
1956 State Trooper Agnes Easton
Matinee Theatre
1957 December Bride Mrs. Hawks
Code 3
Suspicion Mrs. Reardon
1958 Andy Hardy Comes Home Milly Forrest
1959 Perry Mason Florence Harvey
Bourbon Street Beat Lurella Lavinia
1960 The DuPont Show with June Allyson Mother Superior
Route 66 Mrs. Pepperell
1961 Lock Up Nettie
1962 Bonanza Townswoman
1963 Breaking Point Clara Bascome
Channing Mrs. Leslie Roberts
1965 My Favourite Martian Dora Darling
Vacation Playhouse Emma Madison
Dr. Kildare Mrs. Anderson

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