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Dr. Samuel Nelson was the husband of Jane Nelson, the father of Tommy, Sally, Nora and four other daughters, and the nephew of Aunt Mouser.


Early life[]

Samuel was born sometime in the 1830s most likely in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. He decided to continue with his studies and he became a doctor. At some point, he met his future wife and proposed to her.

Marriage with Jane Nelson[]

Samuel and Jane got married in the middle of the 1850s. They had together six daughters including Sally and Nora and one son named Tommy. Nora was born in 1860. Dr. Nelson bought or built his summer residence Bonnyview, where the family spent their holiday every summer.

Sally's wedding[]

Before Sally's wedding, almost all of his daughters were already married except for Sally and Nora, who were the only girls still unmarried. However, on June 30, 1888, Sally married her beau, Gordon Hill. The wedding took place at Bonnyview.

"We'll be all tired out for a month and Father can't really afford all this splurge. But Sally was set on having what she calls a 'pretty wedding' and Father gave in. He's always spoiled her."
Nora Nelson about his father to Anne Shirley.[src]

They invited all members of their family including Samuel's aunt Grace Kennedy who was afraid about his health.

Grace: "Your father is in terrible high spirits. I never was one to go looking for trouble but all I hope is it ain't the forerunner of a stroke. I've seen it happen that way."
Sally: "Oh, Dad's fine, Aunt Mouser. He's just a bit excited."
Grace Kennedy and Sally Nelson before the wedding.[src]

She told everyone stories about past weddings - Samuel didn't like that and called her speeches Aunt Mouser's felicities. Grace was also afraid that someone would steal teaspoons as it happened at Gertie Paul's wedding.

"We'll make everyone turn out their pockets before they go, Aunt Grace."
—Samuel Nelson[src]

In the night after the wedding, everyone in the house woke up. Girls heard a noise in the library, so Aunt Mouser called Samuel for a help. Jane was afraid about her husband.

"Oh, Samuel... don't take any risks... if it's burglars they may shoot..."
—Jane Nelson[src]

They came into the library and found Nora there with Jim Wilcox who tried to stop her nose bleeding. He came there because he saw the light in the window, thinking that Nora was signaling him to come over. Nora wasn't asleep and saw a man coming up from the shore. When he got near she knew it was Jim, so she ran down into the library door and made her nose bleed. Jim then proposed to Nora and she agreed.

In September 1888 Nora and Jim were married. She had a small wedding - only with her close family.



Samuel is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means God has heard.


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