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Ruby Gillis is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gillis, the younger sister of Susan, a student of Avonlea school, and the friend of Anne Shirley, Diana Barry, Jane Andrews, Josie Pye and Tillie Boulter.


Physical appearance[]

Ruby is a very pretty young girl. She has long blonde hair, fair skin, freckles, and large blue eyes, and is petite in size. She usually wears pink ribbons in her hair and is decidedly feminine.


Ruby is very loyal to her friends. Like many of the girls at Avonlea school, excluding Diana, it took time for her to warm up to Anne. However, when the Gillis house burns down and Ruby is made to stay at Green Gables during repairs, the two became friends. Ruby is known to be sensitive and emotional and is often flustered around her longtime crush Gilbert Blythe. Throughout the series, she has become upset whenever another girl receives Gilbert's attention. However, in the third season, she starts to notice Moody Spurgeon and eventually admits that she is no longer in love with Gilbert.  


Anne Shirley-Cuthbert[]

Ruby and Anne have a tenuous relationship at the start of the series. Ruby's dislike for Anne is due to her being an orphan, and then when Anne is noticed walking to school with Gilbert Blythe, Ruby's crush of three years. Anne and Ruby ultimately become friends after her house burns down and she is forced to stay with the Cuthberts until it is repaired. Afterward, Ruby warms up to Anne and they have a close friendship.

Gilbert Blythe[]

Gilbert is Ruby's long time crush. He, however, seems to only acknowledge her out of politeness. She is known to cry over him when he notices other girls instead of her.

Moody Spurgeon[]

Ruby gets a crush on Moody when she sees him play the banjo while the square dance practice is happening. Unlike Gilbert, he notices her as well.


Ruby is a female given name of English origin and means red gemstone. It was very popular name in late 19th century. Gillis is a Dutch and Swedish form of Giles which means young goat.

Behind the scenes[]



  • In Season 1, Ruby is seen to have three younger sisters, unlike in the Books universe, where she has only older sisters. In "Struggling Against the Perception of Facts", it is revealed, that Ruby indeed has at least one older sister (named Susan) who was proposed to prior to Prissy Andrews' wedding.


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