"Tall and handsome and distinguished-looking – dark, melancholy, inscrutable eyes – melting, musical, sympathetic voice – yes, the very hero of her dreams stood before her in the flesh. He could not have more closely resembled her ideal if he had been made to order."
—Anne's first sight of Roy[src]

Royal "Roy" Gardner was the son of Mrs. Gardner, the brother of Aline and Dorothy Gardner and also Anne Shirley's beau.


Early lifeEdit

Roy was born in early 1860s in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, to Mr. and Mrs. Gardner. He was raised there along with his sisters, Aline and Dorothy. Roy attended school at the age of six and he was a very smart student. He decided to continue with studies.

Redmond CollegeEdit

Though Roy was accepted into Redmond College, he had to defer his enrollment because his mother was ill.

Courtship with AnneEdit

Roy courted Anne for the last two years of college. Anne, who met him under a pavilion during a rainstorm, felt an "instinctive thrill" that he was the one. Dark, melancholy and inscrutable, Roy fit her childhood ideal of romance perfectly. When he offered her his umbrella, she readily accepted.

Their courtship continued to the end of their Redmond years, where it appeared that they were well-matched and happy. Though his mother and Aline did not take to Anne easily, Dorothy was more accepting and liked Anne right away. However, when Roy proposed to Anne, she suddenly realized that she did not love him as she believed and abruptly refused his proposal. Roy was upset, questioning if Anne had been sincere with him during their relationship. Anne reluctantly acknowledges that she truly believed she loved him during their courtship, but his proposal caused her to realize that she loved her idea of him and not Roy himself. Their relationship ends soon afterward.

Later lifeEdit

He married after recovering from his disappointment from Anne's refusal and became happy.


Roy was intelligent and neat, and described by Anne to be like a diamond due to his perfection. However, though he possessed striking good looks as well as the ability to speak poetically, he had only seriousness on the inside. Hence, he was unable to truly relate to Anne like Gilbert could, and she eventually realised that she had been conning herself into loving him due to his perfection.

Physical appearanceEdit

Roy was described to be a tall, darkly handsome, and distinguished-looking young man. At their first meeting, Anne took particular notice of his dark eyes and his musical voice.


Roy is a male given name of Irish and Gaelic origin and means red. It is also form of Old French term roi which means king. This name was very popular in the late 19th century.

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