"She was spoiled to begin with, believe me, and she was nothing but a lazy, selfish, whining creature."
Cornelia Bryant about Rose.

Rose West (née Elliott) was the wife of Frank West, the mother of Leslie and Kenneth and the grandmother of Kenneth and Persis Ford.


Early lifeEdit

Rose was born in early 1840s in Four Winds harbour to Mr. and Mrs. Elliott. She was reckoned the beauty of Four Winds.

In late 1850s she met Frank West and fell in love with him. Frank loved Rose very much. He adored her beauty, and worshipped the very ground she walked on.

Marriage with Frank WestEdit

They got married in 1861 and settled down at West farm. Rose loved that house. She said it would break her heart to leave the home she'd come to as a bride.

"Frank was no hand to work, so they were poor as Job's turkey. Poor! They lived on potatoes and point, believe me."
—Miss Cornelia about Rose's marriage.

Year later, in 1862, Rose gave birth to her first child, Leslie, who inherited Rose's beauty, and Frank's cleverness. Leslie loved her mother very much.

Kenneth's deathEdit

Four years later, her second child, Kenneth, was born. Leslie worshipped little Kenneth - he was a dear little chap. But in summer 1874 he died. Kenneth fell off a big load of hay just as it was going into the barn, and the wheel went right over his little body and crushed the life out of it. Leslie saw it and she was crushed... and so was Rose. They buried little Kenneth in that graveyard over the harbor

Frank's deathEdit

"Frank West began to go down after Kenneth's death. He got mopy and melancholy, and couldn't or wouldn't work."
—Miss Cornelia about Frank's feelings after Kenneth's death.

In 1876, Frank hung himself in the middle of the parlour from the lamp hook in the ceiling - it was anniversary of their wedding day. Poor Leslie found him with face as black as coal.

At his funeral Rose whooped and howled for two and Leslie had all she could do trying to calm and comfort her mother. They buried Frank West beside Kenneth, and Rose put up a great big monument to him. It was bigger than Rose could afford, for the farm was mortgaged for more than its value.

Later lifeEdit

Then Rose's mother-in-law, Mrs. West, died and left Leslie a little money. She attended Queen's Academy and got Glen school.

Financial problemsEdit

Abner Moore held the mortgage on the West farm, and the interest was overdue some years. Dick Moore just went and told Rose that if Leslie wouldn't marry him he'd get his father to foreclose the mortgage. She didn't want to leave home where she came as bride.

In forcing Leslie to marry Dick due to the fact that they could lose their land, Rose nearly ruined her daughter's life. Nonetheless, Leslie's "clannishness" was thick enough that her kin could do no wrong in her eyes.


Leslie married Dick in late 1878 and they settled down at West farm - Rose with them. In spring 1879 she took pneumonia and died. Leslie was heart-broken enough over it. Rose was buried in Four Winds graveyard next to her dead husband and son.


Physical appearanceEdit

Leslie looked like her mother, so Rose probably had golden curly hair and blue eyes.


Rose is a female given name of Latin origin and means rose, which is the name of a flower.


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