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Roger King was the father of Andrew King, the husband of Mrs. King, the brother of Hetty, Alec, Ruth and Olivia King, and the uncle of Felicity, Felix, Sara, Cecily, Daniel Montgomery, and Alicia.


Roger was dropped and suffered an injury to his leg when he was a kid, which ended up leaving him with a limp. Unable to physically manage the farm, he focused on academics and became an outstanding student.

Roger ended up becoming recognized worldwide as a geologist. He married and had one son, Andrew. However, his wife died and Roger had to send away his son to stay at the King family's farm.

When he returned to Avonlea, he had a fight with his brother Alec over family savings. After one fight between them, Alec nearly drowned which made the brothers stop their arguing.[1]

Roger accepted a job in 1904 at Dalhousie University and moved together with his son.


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  • In the novel The Story Girl, Roger is the one who lived with Sara Stanley and Olivia rather than Hetty.


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