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Robert Grant was the son of Mrs. Grant, the husband of Gertrude Oliver and a Charlottetown lawyer.


Early life[]

World War I[]

When World War I struck the world, Robert 'joined up'. A slight mishap occurred, when word came through the lines that Robert Grant had been killed in action. Gertrude, his betrothed, was crushed. Mrs. Grant called a few days later to inform them that it had all been an accident, and that Robert merely had a wound. Robert returned and (presumably) married Gertrude Oliver.



Robert is a male given name of Old German origin and means bright fame.

  • Robert shared his name with Robert Baxter, Robert Bell, Robert Chapley, Robert Dickson, Robert Lawson, Robert Spencer, and with Robert "Bobby" Ray, the fictional hired boy from Anne's short story "Averil's Atonement".


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