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SCENE: Avonlea school

Children: [singing] Away in a manger / No crib for His bed / The little Lord Jesus...

Anne Shirley: Do you suppose it's true that no two snowflakes are alike? I hope so. It's kind of comforting, isn't it?

Josie Pye: And the bank manager, who happens to be my uncle, he said that the Cuthberts are poor.

Anne: I've heard it said that snow is a sign of God's forgiveness, and--

Miss Rogerson: [off-screen] Shh!

Children: [singing] Asleep on the hay

Anne: By blanketing the ugly frozen earth, and making it beautiful.

Diana Barry: Anne is poor?

Jane Andrews: What do you mean, "poor?"

Josie: Poor, as in: "penniless old fellow with no head for finance."

Ruby Gillis: That's not very nice.

Moody Spurgeon: Snow means Christmas is coming, and I love Christmas, don't you?

Anne: I don't know. But I plan to.

Moody: Did you not have Christmas at the orphanage?

Anne: There wasn't much to it, really. I'm not sure why Father Christmas wasn't able to stop there. Maybe the Matron scared him off.

Diana: That can't be true.

Josie: The Cuthberts had to mortgage their farm. Isn't that sad?

Anne: Josie Pye, you take that back!

Josie: Why are you upset? It's only true. You're poor.

Wait. You didn't know?

Do you at least know if they're going to keep you?

Anne: Keep me?

Miss Rogerson: Next! Come along. In Excelsis Deo. That's right, children, come along now. Take your places, please.

Children and Miss Rogerson: [singing] Angels we have heard on high / Sweetly singing o'er the plains / And the mountains in reply / Echoing their joyous strains / Gloria / In Excelsis Deo

Diana: Anne?

Children and Miss Rogerson: [singing] Gloria

SCENE: Way to Green Gables, later

Diana: Are you sure you're alright? Maybe you should slow down.

Anne: I have to get on home. Oh, Diana, it can't be true!

Diana: It isn't. That Josie Pye is just as mean as they make them. She hadn't any right to tell tales about you.

Anne: My first family. My first home!

Diana: They're not going to send you back. You're in the Bible and everything.

Anne: We can't lose Green Gables. We just can't!

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, later

Marilla Cuthbert: You mortgaged the farm?! Are you out of your mind?! You took out a loan against Green Gables?!

Matthew Cuthbert: It had to be done.

Marilla: Why would you take such an action without discussing it with me?!

Matthew: I was trying to protect us, make the best out of a bad situation. When the crop was lost, we didn't have means.

Marilla: Yet another thing you neglected to mention! This is my home, too! And Anne's!

Matthew: I didn't want to talk about it.

Marilla: You didn't trust me?! To talk about our future?! Anne's future?!

Matthew: 'Cause I knew you'd lose your head.

Marilla: I ought to smack yours right off your shoulders!

Matthew: We have the loan. That's done. And with it, I have purchased everything that we need.

Marilla: You've already spent the money?

Matthew: It's spent, yes.

Marilla: Madness!

Matthew: On high-yield crops

Marilla: This is madness!

Matthew: Why can't you just listen?!

We'll have a high-yield crop and then another in the fall. So now we have two new crops, in addition to the potatoes. We will be fine, Marilla.

Marilla: So now, at your age, you're working even harder?

Matthew: Just a bit more work, that's all.

Marilla: I don't want you doing more. I want you doing less! Matthew? Matthew?!

Anne: Matthew?! What's happened?!

Marilla: I don't know. I-

Anne: What's wrong?!

Marilla: Oh, dear God!

SCENE: Intro

SCENE: Matthew's room, later

Doctor: He's had an episode of the heart. An occurrence of coronary thrombosis. He's extremely lucky it wasn't fatal, but make no mistake, he's in a dangerous condition.

Marilla: Dangerous?

Doctor: It's going to take a very long time to heal. He's gonna need months of rest, with no stress or work of any kind.

Marilla: Thank you.

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, later

Marilla: You should be asleep.

Anne: So should you.

Marilla: Wish I had a head for numbers.

Anne: I'm a dunce at geometry, but I'm pretty good at math now. Which part is troublesome?

Marilla: Here and, and, here.

Anne: This is the amount that was borrowed against the bank.

Marilla: Yes, that much I know.

Anne: And this is the rate of interest. Gosh, it's very high. And the payback schedule is very short. Let me see.

Carry the one. I guess Matthew was counting on making this amount from the new crops plus the potato crops?

Marilla: I'll have to go speak with the bank. I need some clarity.

Anne: I'm coming with you.

Even if you're not keeping me.

Marilla: Not keeping you? You're a Cuthbert, for better or for worse. No getting out of it now. And no need for you to come with.

Anne: There most certainly is. I know for a fact that when one is under stress, it's hard to hear what's being said. It's as if the person speaking is miles away or underwater.

SCENE: Green Gables, another day

Rachel Lynde: I'll keep good watch over him.

Marilla: We'll be back quick as we can.

SCENE: Bank of Carmody, later

Bank Manager: This is most irregular. Where is Mr. Cuthbert?

Marilla: Indisposed unfortunately. I'm here on his behalf.

Bank Manager: Most irregular.

Marilla: My brother has suffered a heart attack. It'll be many months until he is well.

Bank Manager: Difficult news indeed.

Marilla: Yes. I'm- We're- Matthew and I are wondering about the terms of the loan, and if we might get an extension on the payments.

Bank Manager: The terms of the loan are clear. Mr. Cuthbert was the asset we invested in.

Marilla: That's why I'm hoping to renegotiate. In light of the situation?

Bank Manager: It seems you don't understand. This loan is now a bad risk. I am going to have to exercise this clause, here, to pull the loan back.

Marilla: Pull it back?

Anne: What exactly does that mean?

Bank Manager: I have already stated that Mr. Cuthbert is the asset. If he is not able to work the land, then we must call in the loan by the end of the month. I'm sorry, but if there's no potential for return on our investment, the investment must be returned or the property forfeit. It is alright there.

SCENE: Carmody main street, later

Marilla: Wait here, please. I have a quick errand to run.

SCENE: Carmody printing office, later

Marilla: "Green Gables" is 11 letters. Adding up the rest... Thirty-six letters total.

How much is that for the advertisement? And how much more would it be for distribution to the mainland?

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, later

Rachel: Welcome home, dear ones. Sit down, sit down. I stoked the fire. Warm your wee selves up. Matthew is resting well.

What happened at the bank?

Marilla: It's the end of everything. We're ruined. We're going to lose the farm. Lose Green Gables.

Rachel: Can nothing be done?

Marilla: Our only hope would be to somehow raise the amount of the loan.

Anne: We have to try.

Marilla: Everything of value will have to be sold, right quick. It's a fearful sum.

Rachel: I shall rally the troops in town. I'm sure there are folks who'll want to make a contribution.

Marilla: No! I will not accept charity. That's final, Rachel. I won't hear of it. The Cuthberts do not, and will not, take charity.

The Barrys will buy our cattle. We can't keep Jerry on. Best get it over with.

SCENE: Green Gables parlor, later

Anne: When you see everything together like this, it's quite an array of treasures.

Marilla: They're just things. Matthew said the pawnbroker in Charlottetown buys all kinds of goods. I hope he's right.

Anne: I'm looking forward to seeing Miss Josephine again and staying overnight in a guest room. Diana says that the manse is ever so elegant.

Oh, Marilla. I wish I had something of value to contribute. Oh!

We can sell it back to the shop on our way.

Marilla: Oh, there's no need to

Anne: This is a family effort.

Marilla: Anne come here.

Matthew is... It's not wise for me to leave. I need to be home.

Anne: I'll go on my own, Marilla. I can do it. I'm a veteran voyager, and I'll be back before you know it.

Marilla: Jerry will accompany you.

Anne: What? Uh, no. I-I'll be fine on my own. I don't need company!

Marilla: It's not for company, it's for safety and assistance.

Anne: But this could be a quintessential hero's journey!

Marilla: You're not going alone, and that's final. He'll auction the shire and take his last wages from the sale.

Anne: But I don't need hi-

Marilla: I'll not hear another word of protest.

SCENE: Green Gables yard, another day

Anne: It makes Marilla feel better to have you along, but I really don't need you to come. I've traveled alone before without incident.

Jerry Baynard: You've been lucky.

Anne: I've been smart.

Jerry: So then both. Whatever.

Anne: I'd simply like you to acknowledge the fact that I don't actually need your help.

Jerry: When's the last time you drove a sleigh? Auctioned a horse? Let's go.

Diana: Anne! Anne!

Anne: Ah, Diana! Diana, what are you doing here?

Diana: I'm so glad I caught you. I brought you something to sell.

Anne: Oh. Oh, Diana, are you sure?

Diana: Of course I'm sure.

Anne: Thank you.

Marilla: Morning, Diana.

Diana: Good morning, Miss Cuthbert. I just came to say goodbye.

Marilla: Be sure to get to Miss Barry's before nightfall. Be safe.

Anne: We will. Be sure to tell Matthew not to worry.

Everything will be alright, you'll see.

SCENE: On the way to Charlottetown, later

Jerry: It's not so bad to ask for help sometimes, you know.

Anne: If I needed help, I would say so.

Jerry: No, you wouldn't.

Anne: Yes, I would.

Jerry: Wouldn't.

Anne: Would. Times infinity.

Jerry: What?

Anne: Never mind. Let's not talk.

Jerry: [singing] Il était un' bergère / Et ron, ron, ron, petit patapon / Il était un' bergère

Anne: No singing.

Jerry: [singing] Qui gardait ses moutons

Anne: I mean it.

Jerry: [singing] Qui gardait ses moutons / Ron, ron / Qui gardait ses moutons

Anne: I'm serious, Jerry.

Jerry: [singing] Elle fit un fromage

Anne: This is an important journey.

Jerry: [singing] Et ron, ron, ron, petit patapon / Elle fit un fromage

Anne: I will kill you with my bare hands!

Jerry: [singing] Du lait de ses moutons / Ron, ron / Du lait de ses moutons

Le chat qui la regarde / Et ron, ron, ron, petit patapon / Le chat qui la regarde / D'un petit air fripon / Ron, ron

SCENE: La Rue Auber, later

Jeannie: Hello there. I see you've been here before.

Anne: Only in my dreams.

Jeannie: How may I help you today?

Anne: I am here to return a dress.

Jeannie: Is something wrong with it?

Anne: Not a thing.

Jeannie: Do you not like it?

Anne: It is my very favourite thing that I have ever possessed in life. But I need to return it to help my family.

Jeannie: You're Anne. Matthew's Anne.

Anne: I am. How nice it is to hear it said that way.

Jeannie: What happened, dear? Why do the Cuthberts need help?

SCENE: Carmody main street, later

SCENE: La Rue Auber, later

Anne: Did Matthew really spend this much?

Jeannie: You're worth a lot to him. Put it in here for safekeeping.

Anne: Thank you.

SCENE: Matthew's room, later

Marilla: "He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. He telleth the number of the stars, and calleth them all by their names."

SCENE: Charlottetown main street, later

Anne: Stop here! That's it!

I'm sorry.

Jerry: I'll meet you back here after, yes?

Anne: I hate to say goodbye.

Jerry: I won't be so long.

Anne: To the horse, Jerry. Why are you so annoying?

You're a good horse, Burty. Try to remember that. Somebody will be very lucky to have you. You'll be fine.

SCENE: Pawn shop, later

Pawnbroker: So you've been entrusted, eh? How old are you?

Anne: Old enough.

Pawnbroker: Alrighty, Old Enough, let's see what's what. There ain't much I ain't got, so I can't say as I'll be too interested.

Anne: That's understandable. If these were ordinary items. But they're not.

Pawnbroker: Never heard that before.

Nope. Dime a dozen.

Anne: I doubt it. My parents were given that as a gift when they were in service of the queen.

Pawnbroker: Oh, sure, sure.

Anne: It was made by the royal potter. Don't you recognize the stamp? The queen was so indebted to them for the intelligence they brought her during the Boer War. That's all I'm at liberty to say about it.

Pawnbroker: Intelligence? Meaning what?

Anne: Espionage.

Pawnbroker: Meaning what?

Anne: Spying. For the Crown? I'm sorry, that's all I can reveal.

Pawnbroker: What a crock.

Anne: Amethyst.

Pawnbroker: Hmm. Don't care.

Anne: That is a very special brooch.

Pawnbroker: Mm... Not to me.

Anne: It's been in our family for generations.

Pawnbroker: So keep it.

Maybe I can give you a small sum for it. To be nice. Maybe. Let's see what else you got.

Anne: Oh, I'm sorry, those letters aren't for sale.

Pawnbroker: Letters? Don't want 'em.

Anne: I'm keeping all this correspondence from the tzar for posterity. They shouldn't have been packed.

Pawnbroker: What a piece of work you are. The tzar?

Anne: Alexander had an inclination towards mysticism. He found my great-grandmother fascinating. And she had psychic abilities. I'll never part with them. But I am willing to let the Queen Victoria vanity set go, and a few other precious items. There's only so much one has room for. We're moving back to the manse in England soon and there's too much to travel with. The house there is already so full of treasures. I shouldn't have told you so much, especially after we went to all this trouble to dress me in a humble fashion so as to avoid interest from highwaymen.

Pawnbroker: So who's this from? Queenie or Russki?

Anne: Neither. No, that, I believe, belonged to Prince Albert. If you can't afford it, I completely understand.

SCENE: Avonlea school, later

Rachel: Ladies, how is every little thing?! Oh, let's just move that a little to the left. A little more. Mm, a little more. Good.

Pronouncement: We will be passing the hat at the recital for those who lost their income when the Dal Marie went down. The Cuthberts were hit particular hard.

Lady: I don't really know them. Do you?

Rachel: "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." In the spirit of Christmas, I know everyone will be moved to generosity.

SCENE: Charlottetown, later

Jerry: Thank you.

SCENE: Charlottetown main street, later

Anne: Gilbert!

Gilbert: Anne.


Anne: Gilbert.

I think I need to sit down.

Gilbert: Sure.

SCENE: P. Herald's Pub, later

Anne: So you like working on the docks?

Gilbert: It's a means to an end. I hope to get hired on a steamer soon.

Anne: May I ask what about your farm?

Gilbert: I don't have to decide right now. I want to see some of the world first. If I come back to Avonlea I want it to be my choice, not an obligation. It's what my dad would've wanted. I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Cuthbert taking sick and all those troubles.

Anne: It still seems unreal. Even though I just sold all our... Everything. But thank you.

Gilbert: He's a good man. He offered to help me with my land come spring.

Anne: I love him with all my heart. I don't know what I'd do if...

I owe you an apology.

Gilbert: No, you don't.

Anne: Yes, I do.

Gilbert: I should apologize to you.

Anne: No, you shouldn't.

Gilbert: I was rude.

Anne: But it was my fault.

Gilbert: Can we please not argue for once?

Anne: Can you please stop contradicting me? Gilbert, I am very sorry that I wasn't more sensitive about your father, and what losing him really meant for you.

Gilbert: It's water under the bridge.

Anne: I know so much more now than I did then. Anyway.

Gilbert: Anyway...

I should I should go work.

Nathaniel: This one looks perfect. "Green Gables in Avonlea."

Mr. Dunlop: Nice.

SCENE: Charlottetown main street, later

Anne: I've missed you.

Gilbert: Yeah?

Anne: At school. There's no one to compete with.

Gilbert: You want to spell out a few words for old times' sake?

Anne: How about "truce"?

Gilbert: T-R-U-C-E.

Moody would've gotten that wrong.

Anne: He would've!

Jerry: Get away from her!

Anne: Stop, Jerry! Stop! Stop! I know him!

Jerry, what happened to you?! Are you alright?

Jerry: I'm fine.

Anne: Come here, come here. Sit down. What happened?

Jerry: I'm so sorry. They took it. The money. Bad guys took the money!

Nathaniel: Don't turn around.

Jerry: I'm so sorry.

Anne: We need to get you to Miss Barry's.

Jerry: I don't like the city.

I remember you now from the big fire. I'm Jerry.

Gilbert: Gilbert.

Need my help with anything? Anything I can do?

Anne: Just take care of yourself. And come home someday.

Gilbert: Yeah. Hope everything works out.

Anne: For you, too.

Anne: Au revoir.

Gilbert: Uh, yes. Bye.

Anne: Bye.

You sure you're alright?

Jerry: I'm not so bad. So you sold everything?

Anne: Yes.

SCENE: Miss Barry's house, later

Jerry: This is a palace, not a house. You sure this is the right place?

Anne: This is the address.

Rollings: Yes?

Anne: We're here to see Miss Josephine Barry. Is she at home?

Rollings: Who shall I say is calling?

Anne: Anne of Green Gables.

Josephine Barry: Oh, for heaven's sake, Rollings, these are my guests! Come in, come in, come in from the cold! I was beginning to think you weren't coming. And oh, my dear Anne, it's very good to see you. Dear me! Whatever's happened to you?! Rollings, take poor, um...

Anne: Jerry.

Josephine: Jerry here downstairs. We'll get you cleaned up and sorted.

Jerry: Thank you. That's very kind. See you in the morning. I'll look after Belle.

Josephine: For heaven's sake, there's room at this inn. You won't be sleeping in the stable. I have guest rooms prepared for each of you, so run along and wash up, then join us for supper.

This way, Anne.

SCENE: Miss Barry's dining room, later

Josephine: My, my, this is an extraordinary undertaking under perfectly dreadful circumstances.

Anne: It has been that.

Josephine: Oh, this city is rife with ruffians. It's a wonder anyone can walk down the streets alone anymore. Good, strong lad. You'll manage things at Green Gables, won't you?

What? What have I said?

Anne: We can't keep Jerry on. He was getting the last of his wages as part of the sale of the horse.

Josephine: But how will you run the farm?

Anne: We're more concerned with saving it. We'll get to that part later.

Josephine: You must let me help.

Anne: Oh, Miss Barry, you're so kind, but unfortunately, I can't accept.

Josephine: Stuff and nonsense! This is no time to stand on pride.

Anne: The Cuthberts will not accept charity and so, as a Cuthbert, neither can I.

Josephine: Hmm.

SCENE: Matthew's room, later

Matthew: You shouldn't have let her go.

Marilla: Oh, please don't fret so. Anne and Jerry will be safe together.

Here. Just take a little.

Matthew: You and Anne, you'd be better off if I were gone.

Marilla: What? I won't have you talking like this.

Matthew: My life insurance. It would hold you both in good stead.

Marilla: I won't hear it.

Matthew: It's what I wish for.

Marilla: Why would you wish that? You mustn't think such thoughts. We need you here.

Matthew: No.

Marilla: Anne loves you. You have to remember that.

Matthew: But... her future...

Marilla: Which do you think she would choose? This house or you? Now stop this morbid foolishness.

SCENE: Josephine Barry's house, later

Jerry: Anne. Anne. Can I sleep here?

Anne: What? Why? What's wrong?

Jerry: I never... At 'ome, I don't have my own bed.

Anne: What are you doing?

Jerry: There's so many of us, this is how we sleep. Don't worry, I don't kick like my sisters.

Anne: You'd better not.

Everything will be alright. It'll be alright.

SCENE: Josephine Barry's house, next morning

Anne: Thank you for providing us with such a lovely port in the storm.

Jerry: Merci beaucoup. The food was amazing.

Josephine: Glad to hear it. Books also provide ports in the storm.

Anne: George Eliot. I don't know him.

Josephine: He is a her. Mary Ann Evans.

Anne: How wonderful. A nom de plume.

Josephine: If you do write a book someday, I pray you won't need one.

Anne: Thank you.

Josephine: Oh, not at all, not at all.

Oh. Rollings?

Rollings: Madam.

Josephine: Jerry, I have something for you too. You're going to stay on at Green Gables and I'm going to pay for it.

Anne: Oh, Miss Barry, I've already-

Josephine: This is a business arrangement. I'm offering you a job at fair wages that happens to be at Green Gables. Do you accept?

Jerry: Um... Oui, I-I do. Merci.

Josephine: Good lad.

SCENE: Matthew's room, later

Marilla: I'll be outside for a bit, tending to the livestock.

I hope you've let go of that fool notion of last night. We've been together all these years, thick or thin, so don't think I'll put up with you slipping away now. Anne will be home today, and she'll be very happy to see you.

SCENE: Green Gables parlor and barn, later

Jeannie: Hello?


Matthew: Jeannie.

Marilla: Matthew! Jeannie! Help me get him to bed.

SCENE: Matthew's room, later

Jeannie: And I couldn't have found your Anne more delightful if I tried.

Matthew: I didn't know she sold it.

Jeannie: It made her so very happy to help.

Matthew: I don't want her suffering because of me.

Jeannie: Do you think she'd ever recover from losing you this way? Matthew, you know too well the impact of an untimely death. Anne has suffered so much loss. She finally belongs. Here. With you.

Matthew: Don't ever get old.

Jeannie: Too late for that.

I'll be on my way.

Take care.

SCENE: Outside Green Gables, later

SCENE: Matthew's room, later

Marilla: How could you? How could you even think it?! You would've left us that way? Left me?

Matthew: The thought of-of being... I... I-I couldn't. But I won't leave you. I won't leave you and Anne. Will you forgive me? Forgive me?

Anne: I'm home!

Ah you are a sight for sore eyes, Mr. Cuthbert. You feeling any better?

Matthew: Mm. I am. I am.

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, later

Anne: This is from Josephine Barry.

Marilla: Give it back. I won't take charity.

Anne: But love isn't charity.

Marilla: I won't take it.

Anne: May I ask why not?

Marilla: We will not be pitied! I don't want people thinking we can't fend for ourselves.

Anne: Well, at the moment, we can't. And I'd sure give my last bit of strength, or my last dollar, to help a friend. And I know that friend would feel grateful and loved above all else. And I do. I feel very grateful to have such a dear friend as Miss Barry. Sometimes you just have to let people love you, Marilla.

Marilla: You're quite right.

Even adding this and even with the cattle I sold, it's still a ways from enough.

Anne: We still have a little more time.

Marilla: A little. Very little.

Anne: Plenty! There are still three weeks until the end of December.

Marilla: Three weeks. We could... sell off some farm equipment if we're lucky.

Anne: I know what else I can sell.

SCENE: Avonlea, another day

Anne: Good day. My name is Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and I'd like to offer you my services.

For a small wage, I can give your home a thorough cleaning before the holidays. I have all my own supplies.

I can sweep, dust, and scrub floors.

Anne: [off-screen] "When a tender affection has been storing itself in us through many of our years, the idea that we could accept any exchange for it seems to be a cheapening of our lives. And we can set a watch over our affections and our constancy as we can over other treasures."

SCENE: Matthew's room, later

Anne: We're rich, aren't we, Matthew?

Matthew: Well, now, I suppose we are.

SCENE: Green Gables parlor, later

Marilla: Anne, Matthew, Jerry here has something for us.

Jerry: Joyeux noël.

SCENE: Christmas recital, another day

Children: [singing] Angels we have heard on high / Sweetly singing o'er the plains / And the mountains in reply / Echoing their joyous strains / Gloria

SCENE: Greeb Gables parlor, later

Marilla: We have some happy news, Anne. I put a notice in the paper to take in boarders.

Matthew: We have two confirmed.

Marilla: Now that we have a sizable portion of what we owe, and we'll have steady income, I'll pay a visit to the bank right after the holidays to see about the terms.

Anne: So maybe we can keep Green Gables?

Children: [singing off-screen] And the mountains in reply / Echoing their joyous strains

SCENE: Green Gables porch, later

Children and Mrs. Lynde: [singing] Gloria, in excelsis Deo / Gloria, in excelsis Deo

SCENE: Green Gables yard, another day

Anne: I'm excited to have a whole new year in front of us just bursting with possibility. The last one was quite an adventure, wasn't it?

Matthew: It was indeed.

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, later

Mr. Dunlop: What a bounty. You ladies have outdone yourselves.

Marilla: It's simple fare, but thank you.

Mr. Dunlop: I wonder what's happened to that other fellow you were expecting?

Matthew: That must be him.

Anne: I'll get it.

Nathaniel: Please tell me this is Green Gables.

Anne: It is indeed. Won't you come in?

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