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SCENE: Avonlea school

Student: [off-screen] Too easy!

Mr. Phillips: Spell amorous.

Tillie Boulter: Amorous. A-M-O-R-U-

Mr. Phillips: Ah wrong! Sit down. Spell gorgeous.

Moody Spurgeon: G-O-R-G-I-

Mr. Phillips: Argh! Sit down, you butcher of beauty.


Children: Go, Gilbert!

Gilbert Blythe: O-S-T-R-A-C-I-Z-E.

Mr. Phillips: That would seem to be correct.


Anne Shirley: H-A-U-G-H-T-Y.

Mr. Phillips: Callous.

Gilbert: C-A-L-L-O-U-S.

Children: You can do it, Anne!

Mr. Phillips: Penitent.

Anne: P-E-N-I-T-E-N-T.

Mr. Phillips: Intentions.

Gilbert: I-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N-S.

Mr. Phillips: Persevere.

Anne: P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-E.

Mr. Phillips: Engagement.

Gilbert: E-N-G-A-G- M?

Mr. Phillips: That is incorrect.

The spelling, not the sentiment.

Diana Barry: Anne, you won!

Gilbert: Congratulations, Anne. I should've added an E.

Diana: Anne, are you feeling all right?

SCENE: Intro

SCENE: Anne's bedroom, night

SCENE: Green Gables' kitchen

Marilla Cuthbert: Anne?

Anne: [stressed and tearful] I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I disturbed you! I'm so very sorry you bet on the wrong horse!

Marilla: Whatever do you mean?

Anne: I never got to wear puff sleeves!

Marilla: What are you doing there?

Anne: If you want to send me to the hospital for the remainder of my days, I will completely understand!

Marilla: You're not dying.

Anne: Will you please plant some pink roses on my grave?

Marilla: Anne, you are not dying. You're in your womanly flowering time, and it's perfectly normal.

Anne: But I'm not ready to be a woman!

Marilla: Well, it's God's plan and that's the way of it.

Anne: Oh, there's been some kind of mistake. There is no way God would think that it's time for me to be a woman!

Marilla: Now, now, let's get you sorted out. You'll need some cotton cloths to pin to your undergarments.

Anne: This can't be happening.

Marilla: And after, they'll need to be washed in cold water first, and then hot.

Anne: Oh, do you have to deal with this, too?

Marilla: I did. For many years.

Anne, exclaiming: Years?!

Marilla: Your cycle is just a few days every month-

Anne, nearly hysteric again: Every month?! But why?! Why is this happening now?! Everything was fine the way it was for once!

Marilla: Matthew, out!

Matthew Cuthbert: Anne, what's wrong?

Anne: Everything!

Marilla: I said out!

Matthew: I uh, yes barn...

Anne: This is a waking nightmare.

Marilla: Anne, calm yourself. My word, you're hysterical.

Anne: I hate this. I hate this. I hate this!

Marilla: There now.

Marilla: Perhaps you should stay home from school today.

Anne: What?! No, no, no! I can't lose time, Marilla!

Marilla: There's no reason why you-

Anne: No, I need to keep up my academic record! I just caught up with Gil-, with the rest of the class!

Marilla: Whatever you want, Anne. Whatever you want.

SCENE: Blythe's house, morning

John Blythe: [off-screen] Thank you. [coughing]

Gilbert: Mrs. Kincannon will be here shortly.

John: [off-screen] I'm fine. You go on to school, son.

Gilbert: And, um, I'll be home straight after school.

John: [off-screen] All right. Thank you, son.

SCENE: Outside on Blythe's farm, later

Gilbert: Well, good morning, Mrs. Kincannon.

Mrs. Kincannon: Gilbert, you're late for school.

Gilbert: I promise I'll get your wages next week at the bank.

Mrs. Kincannon: No worries. I know where you live.

SCENE: Lynde's house, later

Marilla: It was like something out of Shakespeare.

Rachel Lynde: Yet she insisted on going to school?

Marilla: Mercifully, yes. But poor Matthew had fled the house well before then. You may not see him for a week. If you see a suspicious character foraging in your garden, please feed him some supper.

Rachel: Oh, God. I don't miss it. I'll say it out loud: I'd rather be pregnant than menstruating.

Marilla: That explains all the children.

SCENE: Avonlea school, lunch break

Josie Pye: Shhh. Not so loud. I got mine three months ago and I feel extremely mature.

Diana: You seem mature.

Tillie: You do.

Josie: I think the boys take me more seriously, too.

Anne: But they can't tell. Can they can tell? That would be awful.

Josie: Not tell per se. But I'm not a little girl anymore, and I believe that's noticeable. My bosoms are growing.

Anne: Yet another reason why this is inexplicable.

Diana: I got mine last year.

Tillie: Me, too.

Ruby Gillis: Really?

Diana: My father has started opening the door for me. It's sweet.

Josie: I can't wait until I can wear my hair up.

Ruby: [sniffling]

Diana: Ruby, what's wrong?

Ruby: I'm not a woman! Why don't I have it?!

Anne: Trust me, if I could give you mine, I would. This is so inconvenient!

Diana: Hush, Anne!

Josie: Keep your voice down.

Tillie: No one's supposed to know. A woman's cycle is a shameful thing.

Anne: Why?

Diana: It's unmentionable, that's why.

Anne: That's not a reason.

Josie: Why don't you ever understand anything?

Anne: Marilla said it's God's plan, so doesn't that make it good? I mean, we can make a whole person. Where's the shame in that?

Josie: Am I the only one who thinks she's out of her mind?

Diana: It's a secret, Anne. That's just the way it is.

Anne: Do boys have to contend with anything like this?

Diana: Boys have their own problems.

Ruby: Why are they doing that?

Josie: There's a question for the ages.

Tillie: When I get mine, I stay home from school, because I don't want to have an accident.

Anne: Accident?

Ruby: There was a girl a few years ago who bled right through the back of her dress.

Tillie: Oh, I would die of mortification.

Ruby: The teacher called her up to the blackboard and everybody saw.

Tillie: I would just die.

SCENE: Avonlea school, later

Mr. Phillips: Which districts comprise the Prairies? Gilbert.

Gilbert: Um the districts of Athabasca, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Assiniboia.

Josie: He's so smart.

Mr. Phillips: Now that is a clever student.

Anne. Which provinces comprise the Atlantic Maritimes?

Anne: I'm sorry, what was the question?

Mr. Phillips: Could you not hear me? Was I not speaking loudly enough?

Anne: I'm sorry, I just-

Mr. Phillips: The Atlantic Maritimes! Sometime today.

SCENE: Avonlea school, later

Anne: Worst. Day. Ever.

Gilbert: Nice boys never say people eat insects.

Diana: I beg your pardon?

Gilbert: It's a mnemonic device. It helps you remember things, right. That's, uh, the Maritimes: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI. Nice boys-

Anne: Diana, could you please tell Gilbert Blythe that I don't need his help?

Gilbert: Why don't you just tell me yourself? I'm right here.

Anne: I suppose I just did.

Gilbert: Mnemonics is spelled with an M. Not that you need my help or anything. Have a good weekend.

Diana: You, too.


SCENE: Green Gables, later

Marilla: Afternoon, Anne.

Anne: Yes, I'm aware that it's the afternoon.

Marilla. I beg your pardon?

Anne: Why doesn't anyone say what they mean? How about: Oh, hello, are you still having the world's lousiest day? Why, yes, thank you, I am!

Marilla: I'll thank you to mind your manners.

Anne: What does that even mean?!

Marilla: Did you have a chance to talk things over with Diana?

Anne: I talk to Diana every day, so obviously I did! Argh!

SCENE: Green Gables' kitchen, Saturday morning

Marilla: Please, finish your milk, Anne.

Anne: Nothing appeals to me, Marilla. I don't feel very well. Since it's Saturday, would it be all right if I go back to bed for a little while?

Marilla: Yes, that's fine. I'll be leaving for Rachel's soon.

Anne: Growing up is certainly a trial by fire.

Marilla: Since you are indeed growing up, if you'd like to invite Diana for tea today, you may.

Anne: Tea?! With Diana as my guest?!

Marilla: Only if you're up to it.

Anne: Oh, Marilla! You are able to imagine things after all, or else you'd never have understood how I've longed for this very thing. A grown-up tea is one of my highest ideals of earthly bliss! Oh! But I have nothing to wear!

Marilla: You have two perfectly good dresses.

Anne: They won't do for tea without puff sleeves! Matthew, tell her!

Matthew: She's been dreaming of those since the day we met.

Anne: Since well before! Could you add puff sleeves to my grey dress?

Marilla: I've never heard such foolishness.

Anne: But it wouldn't take too long. Please, Marilla, please? I'm the only girl without them!

Marilla: Do you want tea today or not?

Anne: I do. I do! I'm sorry. I'll try to stop longing for things I can never have. I promise I'll try harder.

Marilla: You can open this little yellow crock of cherry preserves, and you can cut some fruitcake and have some of the cookies and snaps.

Anne: I can just imagine pouring out the tea and asking Diana if she takes sugar. I know she doesn't, of course, but I'll ask her just as if I didn't know. May we sit in the parlour?

Marilla: You may. And you may have some of the raspberry cordial, as well.

Anne: Oh, thank you! I must get dressed and run and ask Diana! It might turn out that I like being a grownup after all!

Marilla: Don't overexert yourself.

SCENE: Upstairs

Anne: Oh! Matthew!

Matthew: Oh, there, uh, seemed to be a-a draft.

Anne: I'm having Diana to tea! I'm having Diana to tea! To tea, tea!

SCENE: Green Gables stable, later

Matthew: I'll be gone most of the day.

Jerry Baynard: What would you like me to do?

Matthew: Whatever needs doing. You let Miss Cuthbert know I've gone to Carmody. Head out to the gate.

Jerry: Yes, sir.

SCENE: Green Gables parlor, later

Anne: Don't these just look scrumptious. Would you care for some sugar? I'm ever so delighted that you could attend.

SCENE: Blythe's house

John: Must be Saturday. Nice to have you here, son. Will you read my favourite?

SCENE: Carmody main street

Gilbert: [off-screen] "Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road. Healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever I choose."

SCENE: La Rue Auber

Vandeuse: Good day, sir. May I assist you?

Matthew: No. No, uh, no. Well, I-... Not now.

Cobbler: Mr. Cuthbert, isn't it? Ah!

Matthew: Yes.

Cobbler's Wife: We haven't seen you for a while. What can we get for you today?

Cobbler: We've got a special price on winter boots. Big selection. Come in, come in.

Matthew: Well, I, uh-

SCENE: Green Gables parlor

Anne: Won't you please come in? May I take your hat and coat?

Diana: Why, thank you.

Anne: I trust your family is well?

Diana: Quite well, thank you kindly.

Your table is exquisite!

Anne: How nice of you to say. Won't you please sit down whilst I set the tea to steep and fetch the cordial? There are ever so many responsibilities when one is hosting company.

SCENE: Green Gables' kitchen

Anne: Raspberry cordial, where are you?

SCENE: Carmody main street

Vandeuse: You're back. Surely there's something I can help you with.

Matthew: Yes. I...

Vandeuse: Would you like to look at dress styles?

Matthew: I, uh, I...

Vandeuse: We have ever so many to choose from. We make all the latest fashions just as if they're straight from Paris.

Matthew: I, uh, I...

Jeannie: Matthew Cuthbert, as I live and breathe.

Matthew: Uh, Jeannie?

SCENE: Green Gables parlor, later

Diana: And we very much hope it won't be a harsh winter this year.

Anne: Winter can indeed be savage. Please, allow me.

Diana: You're too kind.

Anne: I love bright-red drinks, don't you? They taste twice as good as any other colour.

Diana: Je vous remercie de vos belles manières.

Anne: That's French! You speak French?!

Diana: Oui, je parle français, couramment.

Anne: Could there be anything more perfect than you speaking a romance language? My two favorite things together.

Diana: Mother plans to send me to finishing school in France.

Anne: Really? Will you take me with you? You have to take me!

Diana: Si vous m'en versez un peu plus.

Anne: Oui...

This cordial seems to be a different cordial from the cordial we toasted with when I became a Cuthbert, but I believe I like it better.

Diana: I could drink this for the rest of my life.

Anne: I'm going to make a proclamation. I've decided that I love being a woman. There is so much to look forward to when we're even older!

Diana: Bosoms!!

Anne: We get to wear corsets.

Diana: Because we'll have bosoms!

Anne: Isn't it wonderful how we agree on everything?

Diana: Isn't it wonderful to be so grown up?

Anne: Oh, no.

Diana: Hmm?

Anne: I forgot the tea.

SCENE: La Rue Auber

Jeannie: [off-screen] You haven't told me her name.

Matthew: It's Anne. With an E.

Jeannie: Lovely. What does she look like?

Matthew: Well, uh her hair is red. She doesn't care for it, but I think it's just fine.

Jeannie: Does she have a favorite colour?

Matthew: Oh, um, I couldn't say that for certain. But she loves trees and flowers and such. She's got a lot of romantic notions about life.

Jeannie: So maybe something with a little flounce? Ruffles perhaps?

Matthew: And she's got a longing for a certain type of sleeve. With... um with air on the sides...

Jeannie: Puff sleeves? De rigueur.

Matthew: Oh, and, uh, I-I brought this...

Jeannie: Oh.

Matthew: Sorry, that's... That's for the the boots. So this is her size with a little room for growing.

Jeannie: I can see why she's longing for the latest fashions. Marilla was always a very practical person. I'll use this as a pattern for the size, but everything else will be au courant. Vivienne?

Please take down these measurements. Thank you, dear.

Matthew: I'm not worried about the cost. Just as long as she likes it.

Jeannie: This dress will be her dream come true. And I'll give you the old friend discount.

Matthew: That's, uh... That's very kind of you, Jeannie.

Jeannie: Matthew, would you like to stay for tea? It will be a few minutes to measure the dress.

Matthew: Oh, I-I don't know.

Jeannie: I live right upstairs, just above the shop. I'd hate to see you ride all the way back to Avonlea without fortification.

Matthew: All right, then. Much obliged.

SCENE: Green Gables upstairs, later

Anne: Ready? One, two...

Anne and Diana: Three!!

SCENE: Jeannie's home

Matthew: She's a real bright little thing. She talks a mile a minute. Always something interesting to say.

Jeannie: So you barely have to say a word. Must be heaven.

But you make yourself known.

You once left a little something on my desk at school.

Matthew: Did I?

Jeannie: You don't remember?

FLASHBACK: Avonlea school, c. 45 years earlier

Jeannie's Friend: [off-screen] Jeannie, will you teach me that pretty cross-stitch after school?

Young Jeannie: It's called a feather stitch. And of course I will.

SCENE: Jeannie's apartment, present day

Jeannie: Anyone else would've made a show of giving it to me. You knew I collected buttons. I told you when you walked me home that time. It wasn't long after that you left school. I was worried about you. We were all so sorry when your brother passed away.

Matthew: Um... Yeah. I'd best be on my way.

Jeannie: Of course.

Uh, Anne... Anne's dress should be ready in about a week.

Matthew: Very kind of you, Jeannie.

Jeannie: It was, uh. It was good to see you. I-I look forward to seeing you then.

SCENE: Carmody main street

SCENE: Lynde's house, later

Marilla: This will feed a small army.

Rachel: So this should be just enough for my extended family.

Marilla: How ever did you ever manage to have ten children? You were expecting for at least two decades.

Rachel: Don't remind me. Oh, hello, dear.

Thomas Lynde: Hello.

Rachel: I hope you're not begging tea.

Thomas: No, no. I was just, uh...

Rachel: Because we're up to our britches, aren't we, Marilla? Would you like a little lick?

Thomas: Ooh, I could fancy that, yes.


Rachel: Off you go. Fend for yourself.

At this point, it's all about managing expectations. You know, I could do with a spot of tea now that it's come up. You?

Marilla: Please. I need a little bracing.

Rachel: How do suppose Anne is faring with her grownup ladies' tea?

Marilla: I'm sure it's a very dignified affair.

SCENE: Anne's bedroom, later

Anne: Jerry, hurry and hitch up the buggy, or I shall be late for the ball!

Diana: Jerry, fetch me some rose water before I have a fainting spell!

Anne: [singing] Beautiful dreamer / Wake unto me.

Diana: Dream...

Anne: [off-screen] Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee

Anne and Diana: Sounds of the rude world heard in the day / Lulled by the moonlight have all passed away

Diana: Mother!

SCENE: Green Gables' parlor, later

Eliza Barry: As you can see, this is a disgraceful scene.

Marilla: My word, Anne, you certainly have a genius for getting into trouble. I didn't even know I had any currant wine left in the house.

Mrs. Barry: I can't imagine why you had any in the first place.

Marilla: It was for medicinal purposes. But when the minister disapproved, I threw the remainder away long ago. Or so I thought.

Mrs. Barry: Your... charge... is a bad influence on my daughter.

Marilla: Anne made an honest mistake. I'm to blame.

Mrs. Barry: This is the last time my Diana will ever set foot in your house.

Anne: Please, Mrs. Barry, I didn't mean to set Diana drunk!

Mrs. Barry: You are not a fit little girl for Diana to associate with.

Anne: But it wasn't on purpose!

Mrs. Barry: Moreover, the girls are not to sit together at school. They are not to fraternize in any manner at any time.

Marilla: I don't disagree that the girls should be punished for all that has transpired. Might I suggest a duration of two weeks?

Mrs. Barry: I must preserve my Diana from the contaminations of further intimacy with such a child! My judgment is final! Come along, Diana.

Anne: Please, Mrs. Barry, please!

Mrs. Barry: Diana, come along!

Diana: Please, Mother, please!

Mrs. Barry: Out!

SCENE: Anne's bedroom, later

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, night

Marilla: It's been a trying day. What on earth possessed you to buy all those boots? That was a frivolous expense. They'll have to go back.

Matthew: Do you ever think about Michael?

Marilla: Yes.

Matthew: So much would've been different if he hadn't-

Marilla: Yes.

Good night.

SCENE: Anne's bedroom, later

Marilla: Poor little soul.

SCENE: Blythe's house, next morning

Mrs. Kincannon: Not going to school today?

Gilbert: I feel like I should just stay close.

SCENE: Avonlea school, later

Mr. Phillips: You are not to fraternize or exert undue influence. Ruby, switch places with Anne.

SCENE: Avonlea school, later

Anne: Will your mother never relent?

Diana: I've cried and cried and told her over and over again that it wasn't your fault. But it isn't any use.

Anne: So this is an eternal farewell? Then we must speak the most pathetic language that we can think of.

Diana: With thees and thous?

Anne: That way we will never forget the pathos of this moment. Oh, Diana wilt thou promise faithfully never to forget me, the friend of your youth?

Diana: I'll never have another bosom friend. I don't want to. I could never love anyone as I love you, Anne. Thou.

Anne: Wait. You love me?

Diana: Of course I do. Why don't you know that?

Anne: Oh, I thought you liked me, of course, but I never hoped you loved me.

Diana: I love you devotedly, Anne.

Anne: And I will always love thee, Diana. In the years to come, your memory will shine like a star over my lonely life. Let us offer each other locks of our hair to treasure evermore.

I bestow upon thou this symbol of my enduring love.

Diana: Fare thee well, dearest Anne of Green Gables. Henceforth we must be as strangers living side by side.

SCENE: Avonlea school, afternoon

Mr. Phillips: Anne. Take these lessons to Gilbert Blythe. He'll be missing class for a time, and I don't want him falling too far behind. He's my best student.

Anne: Why is he missing class?

Mr. Phillips: That is none of your concern. Now hurry along. Scat!

SCENE: Blythe's house, later

Anne: Why does everything happen to me?

Gilbert?! Gilbert Blythe!

Life is so unfair. Finally.

John: Sorry to make you wait. Gilbert is out back chopping wood. What wonderful red hair. You're the Cuthbert's new charge, aren't you?

Anne: Yes.

John: I've heard nice things about you. And how is Marilla? Still feisty, I hope?

Gilbert: Dad, what are you doing? You shouldn't be walking!

John: My son worries too much. It seems this young lady has urgent business. With you. I'll go inside now.

Gilbert: I'll fetch your chair.

John: I'll go on my own, thank you, son. [to Anne] It was nice to meet you. Give my kind regards to Marilla.

Anne: I will. Of course, Mr. Blythe.

Gilbert: Those for me?

Anne: Uh heh.

Gilbert: Well, uh, it's kind of you to bring them by.

Anne: Mr. Phillips doesn't want you falling behind.

Gilbert: I don't either. If you're going to beat me in class, I want you to do it fair and square.

Anne: Yes. Exactly.

Gilbert: Um thank you. See you.

SCENE: Green Gables, later

Anne: There. Finished.

Marilla: That was fast. Only took you a week.

Anne: I wanted to make it quickly so Diana doesn't forget me. I'm happy to report that my flowering time is finally over. I feel much older and wiser than before. And I won't be emotional next time. I've come to realize there are far bigger worries in the world.

SCENE: Green Gables barn, later

Matthew: So buy the dress after you return the boots, but I'm hoping this will be enough. Oh, and I must've picked this up by mistake at the dress shop. Please, just you return that to Miss Jeannie.

SCENE: La Rue Auber, later

Jeannie: I hope Mr. Cuthbert's well?

Jerry: Yes, madame, he's quite well.

Jeannie: I'm glad. Please tell him I'm sorry not to have seen him today.

Jerry: Yes, madame.

Oh, I almost forgot. Mr. Cuthbert said I'm to give you this.

Au revoir!

SCENE: Green Gables, upstairs, later

Anne: Oh, hello, Matthew.


Thank you.

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, later

Marilla: You've gone and spoiled the child, Matthew.

Matthew: She's not a child anymore.

Anne: Can we be a little bit late for church so everyone can see me walking in?

Marilla: Matthew Cuthbert, you're missing a button from your best Sunday shirt.

Matthew: I'm fine like this, Marilla.

Well, let's go along, then. If you please, miss.

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