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SCENE: Forest, night

Diana Barry: Help me! Can you help me?


Anne Shirley: Diana?

Diana: Minnie May, she's sick! We need to wake Miss Cuthbert!

Anne: She's not here. She went to see the premier. Did your parents go as well?

Diana: Yes!

Anne: What's wrong with Minnie May?

Diana: I don't know. She's choking and coughing, and it's horrible!

Anne: Croup.

Diana: We need the doctor!

Anne: Matthew! Matthew, come quick!

Put this on before you catch your death.

Diana: Aunt Josephine's staying with us but she doesn't know what to do! She's never seen a cough like this.

Anne: I have.

Matthew, ride to Carmody and fetch the doctor. Minnie May is gravely ill. I'll go home with Diana.

Matthew: We'll see you there.

Diana: Oh, Anne, she's fearful sick! She can scarcely breathe!

Anne: I need to fetch the ipecac before we go! Matthew won't be back for hours. I will do everything I can until then!

Diana: I've missed you so much.

Anne: I've missed you, too.

SCENE: Intro

SCENE: Barry's house, later

Anne: Lean her over. Make sure she's right above the steam. We have to loosen the phlegm that's choking her.

We've used almost all the ipecac. There's only one more dose. I want to get by with steam and night air until we're forced to use it.

Diana: She's burning up.

Anne: Let's lift her up to the window. Breathing cold air will help.

Josephine Barry: What on earth do you think you're doing?! Do you wish her to freeze to death as well?!

Anne: Cold air is a doctor's best friend when it comes to treating croup.

Josephine: You are not a doctor! I do not condone this!

Anne: I know what I'm doing. Sorry. If you could please stay out of the way...

Josephine: Well!

Dear God, please save this child.

Anne: It's all right, Minnie May. Do you see the moon? Oh, isn't she lovely? She's watching over you.

I wish you had some peppermint or eucalyptus so I could make a plaster. I'll fetch an onion.

Pardon me.

Josephine: How much longer will it be before that blasted doctor comes?! Oh, I hate the country.

Anne: Sorry! It really would help if you could keep out of the way!

Josephine: What would help would be a medical professional.

Anne: I expect they'll be another hour or two, if they come at all.

Josephine: Why do you say that?

Anne: Almost everyone went to Charlottetown to see the premier.

Josephine: That is precisely why I left.

Anne: It remains to be seen if the doctor went along as well.

Josephine: Next you'll be brewing eye of newt in a cauldron.

Anne: Raw onion on the soles of the feet helps bring a fever down. You haven't ever heard of that?

Josephine: Why would I have?

Anne: Because it's an old wives' tale.

Josephine: I might be one, but not the other. Evidently, one doesn't have to be either thing to know it.

Anne: True enough. In any case, I believe it works, and I'm not above a desperate measure or two.

Josephine: If I had a desperate measure to offer, I would. But I know nothing of children or their illnesses.

Anne: Mrs. Hammond had twins three times, so I know quite a lot about it.

Josephine: You were in service?

Anne: My whole life before I came to Green Gables.

Josephine: So the Cuthberts brought you on to look after them in their dotage, did they?

Anne: Oh, no. I was supposed to be a boy. But when I wasn't, they decided to keep me and raise me.

Josephine: How extraordinary.

Anne: I agree!

Diana: Anne! Anne! Anne!

Anne: Bring her over to the table! Hurry!

Roll her onto her belly. Hold her feet. Come on, Minnie May, cough! Cough, Minnie May! Cough!

Diana: She's slipping!

Anne: Miss Barry! Come on, Minnie May! Come on! Cough, Minnie May! Cough!

Diana: She's not breathing!

Anne: Cough, Minnie May! Cough! Come on, cough! Come on, cough! Cough! Cough, Minnie May! Cough!

Diana: Please, please!

Anne: That's good. That's very good.

Diana: Oh, thank God.

Josephine: Merciful Lord.

Anne: That's done it. Pull her up. You are going to be all better very soon, and you have been very brave.

Diana: Oh, Anne... Oh...

Anne: Let's get her to bed.

I believe the worst is over.

Josephine: I believe I need a brandy.

SCENE: Barry's house, later

Doctor: Your little redheaded girl is as smart as they make them. She saved that child's life, pure and simple.

Josephine: I must admit, she's got a presence of mind quite unusual in a child her age.

Matthew Cuthbert: I guess I'd best get her home.

Anne. Anne. It's time to go.

SCENE: Way to Green Gables, next morning

Anne: Oh, Matthew, isn't it a beautiful morning?

The trees look as if you could blow them away with a breath. Poof!

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are white frosts, aren't you?

Matthew: Yeah.

Anne: And I'm so glad Mrs. Hammond had three pairs of twins, or I mightn't have known what to do.

Matthew: Life's funny like that.

Anne: Won't Marilla be surprised when she hears what she missed?

Matthew: Won't she just.

SCENE: Green Gables, later

Marilla Cuthbert: Matthew? Matthew, are you all right?

Matthew: Oh-Oh, good. You're back. Um, how was Charlottetown?

Marilla: Why are you sleeping in the middle of the day?

Matthew: Uh-huh. It's all right, Marilla. I expect Anne will sleep the day away as well.

Marilla: What's happened? What's wrong? Is she ill?

Matthew: No need to fret. How about I tell you over a cup of coffee? I could use some coffee.

SCENE: Blythe's house, later

John Blythe: You know what I-

Gilbert Blythe: Oh, can I get you something?

John: You know... what was the best thing about getting sick? Traveling west again.

Mrs. Kincannon: I'll fetch you both some tea.

John: The train. God, I love a train. And those Rocky Mountains...

Gilbert: They're amazing.

John: Did my heart good. It's a big world, son. Remember that.

SCENE: Green Gables, later

Eliza Barry: Good afternoon, Marilla.

Marilla: Eliza.

Mrs. Barry: I've come to apologize. May I please see your wonderful, remarkable Anne?

Marilla: She's still sleeping, but you're welcome to come on in.

SCENE: Green Gables yard, later

Matthew: Good day, Mrs. Barry.

Eliza: Thank you, Matthew.

SCENE: Green Gables parlor, later

Anne: Afternoon, Marilla. We missed you. Did you see the premier? What did he look like?

Marilla: Well, he never got to be premier on account of his looks, but I was proud of being a Conservative. Rachel, being a Liberal, had no use for him.

Come along and let's get you fed. I expect you must be hungry.

Anne: I'm starving! Did Matthew recount the events of last night?

Marilla: He did. I must say it was fortunate that you knew what to do. I wouldn't have had any idea myself. I never saw a case of croup.

Anne: You know what was extra wonderful about it all? I got to spend time with my darling Diana. It's been an agony not speaking at school, an utter agony.

Marilla: It's been a long month indeed.

Anne: I was so sorrowful to leave her this morning, knowing it'll all go back to how it's been.

Marilla: Take a few more bites.

Anne: Why?

Marilla: Because when I tell you who just visited here, your reaction will lift you clear out of the region of such material matters as appetite.

Mrs. Barry paid a call today, and she hopes you'll forgive her and be good friends with Diana again.

Anne: Oh, I'll wash it later! I can't tie myself down to anything so unromantic as dishes at this thrilling moment!

Marilla: Anne, take a coat!

SCENE: Blythe's house, later

Mrs. Kincannon: Gilbert?! Gilbert! Gilbert! Gilbert!

SCENE: Way to school, next morning

Diana: Anne! Anne!

Anne: Diana! Oh! Oh, aren't you almost nearly perfectly happy? Our separation has been an excruciating torment, but I'm so relieved it's finally over.

Diana: Mother could hardly keep us apart since you saved Minnie May. Even Aunt Josephine said she'd be glad to see you again, and she doesn't like anyone.

Anne: Wasn't she only staying while your parents were away?

Diana: No, no, she's come to stay with us for at least a month. I don't quite know how we'll stand it. She's so very particular. But she's suffered a loss - she's grieving - so she's disinclined to be home alone in Charlottetown since her companion passed away.

Anne: Her companion?

Diana: Her best friend forever and ever.

Aunt Josephine never married. Neither of them did. They lived with each other their whole lives.

Anne: I'd live with you forever if I could, but I know you'll leave me the day you get married to some wealthy and handsome gentleman. I hate him already.

Diana: How's Gilbert?

Anne: You're not funny.

Diana: You see him almost every day after school, do you not?

Anne: Not because I want to! It's because I have to. Mr. Phillips makes me go. I've explained this to Ruby. Do I need to explain it to you as well? I want to beat Gilbert fair and square when he comes back to school.

Diana: Is his father almost well?

Anne: I think I'm a terrible person.

Diana: What? Why?

Anne: I hadn't thought about it before.

Diana: Hadn't thought about what?

Anne: It's very likely Gilbert's father isn't going to get well. So it's more than possible that when Gilbert finally comes back to school, he'll be an orphan.

SCENE: Graveyard, day of the funeral

Minister: "Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; for where I am, there ye may be also."

SCENE: Blythe's house, later

Marilla: Oh, no, thank you.

FLASHBACK: Blythe's house, c. 40 years earlier

Young John Blythe: You laugh, but I think it's a fine chapeau. Cosmopolitan. All the city folks are wearing them. Why don't you like it?

Young Marilla Cuthbert: Other than the fact that it's too big for your head?

John: Room to grow.

Marilla: I'm sure it'll fit better when you acquire some more brains.

John: Oh, show me mercy, Mar. Mercy, please.

Perhaps this might persuade you to offer me a morsel of kindness.

Marilla: I make no promises.

John: I would expect none. May I?

SCENE: Blythe's house, present day

Rachel Lynde: Marilla? Are you all right, dear?

Marilla: I'm sorry, what? Oh, no, thank you. I-I'm fine.

SCENE: Outside of the Blythe's house, later

Anne: Gilbert!

It was a lovely service. It seemed fitting somehow; everything was so white and still. I've always thought that the minister prays quite mournfully, so this suited him nicely. Baptisms must be grim.

Being an orphan has its challenges, but you already have so many advantages, you'll be much better off than I was. And I didn't know my parents they died when I was a baby so I couldn't fend for myself the way that you can. And I don't remember my parents at all, but you'll always be able to remember your father. And you know, when you think about it, you're really very lucky.

Gilbert: You think I'm lucky?

Anne: Compared to me? Yes.

Gilbert: And why is this about you?

Anne: It's not. I was just trying to-

Gilbert: See you.

SCENE: Woods, later

Anne: Ugh! Don't mind me, Gilbert Blythe! I was only trying to help! Fine, then. Don't get the benefits of my extensive knowledge about being an orphan! No matter how sad you look. All right, no need to think about him any more. Done. I've wasted quite enough energy on some dumb boy. I'm not going to think about Gilbert Blythe for one more second. Brain, stop it!

Josephine: Romance is a pesky business.

Anne: Oh! Miss Barry.

Josephine: No sense to be made of it. Hello, Anne.

Anne: Hello.

Josephine: Sorry to interrupt.

Anne: No, no, I was uh...

Josephine: May I enter your humble abode?

Anne: Of course.

Josephine: Ah. Ah. Cozy little retreat.

Anne: I-I should let you know immediately that what you heard just now had nothing to do with romance.

Josephine: I see.

Anne: Nothing whatsoever. I couldn't be less interested in Gil- that boy. I've got much better things to do.

Josephine: You certainly seem like someone with many possible outcomes.

Anne: Oh, you've no idea how much it heartens me to hear you say that.

Josephine: My advice is to let your ambitions and your aspirations be your guide.

Anne: But I have so many.

Josephine: Oh, good. Plenty of time yet. If you're lucky.

Anne: Right. Lucky.

Josephine: There's more than enough time for you to figure out what you want and what you're good at.

Anne: I'd like to be very, very good at something astonishing. I don't seem to fit in. All the girls I know are preoccupied with becoming a wife.

Josephine: And what do you think about that?

Anne: Well, I've always wanted to be a bride, but I don't really expect to be a wife.

Josephine: Interesting.

Anne: So you see the conundrum.

Josephine: I do. I have the following thoughts to offer. First: you can get married anytime in your life if you choose to do so.

Anne: That's true.

Josephine: And two: if you choose a career, you can buy a white dress yourself, have it made to order, and wear it whenever you want.

Anne: Oh. Why didn't I think of that?

I love that idea! I'm going to be my own woman.

Josephine: I'm a proponent for making one's own way in the world.

Shall we? A certain young lady has impressed upon me the many benefits of taking the winter air.

Thank you. Oh!

Anne: Miss Barry?

Josephine: Hmm?

Anne: You are an inspiration. And I hope I know you all my life.

Josephine: I hope so, too. If you become a doctor, perhaps you can discover a cure for old age.

SCENE: Green Gables kitchen, evening

Anne: And Miss Josephine Barry is quite an intriguing character. She's independent and never been married. She's definitely my new role model. She helped me see the light about my future. You and Marilla are also my inspirations.

Matthew: You don't say.

Anne: I do say. I'm going to be the heroine in my own story.

Matthew: Well, now.

Anne: I am quite firm in my position that romance need not be my goal in life. Not that I'm thinking about boys at all, because I'm not. I choose myself. And that way, I'll never be disappointed.

SCENE: Marilla's room, later

SCENE: Barry's house, another day

Ruby Gillis: If the key to a man's heart is through his stomach...

Mary Joe: Which it is.

Ruby: Then we have to make sure that this is the best shepherd's pie that Gilbert has ever tasted.

Anne: Being a good cook shouldn't be very high on the list of romantic attributes, if you ask me. If one was interested in romance, which I'm not, I'd like to be noticed for me, not my dinner.

Diana: You're so funny, Anne.

Anne: I wasn't meaning to be funny.

Diana: Oh. So what's on the list?

Anne: My brain, Diana. My personality. As in, who I am. I'd like to believe that's what truly matters. If romance matters at all. Which it doesn't.

Ruby: Yes, it does!

Don't you think Gilbert looks even more handsome now that he's sad?

Anne: I didn't notice.

Diana: He does.

Ruby: I know!

Minnie May Barry: Ruby and Gilbert sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-

Diana: Minnie May, we're trying to work.

Minnie May: I'm cooking.

Diana: You're watching. I told you that the only way you get to be here with us is if you're quiet. Don't interrupt, or you'll have to go sit with Great Aunt Josephine.

Minnie May: No!!

Mary Joe: Excuse me, ma'am.

Minnie May: I'm being quiet.

Josephine: Then you're the only one. Cackling hens. Lord help me. Take the boy the godforsaken pie before I suffer a mental collapse.

Diana: Sorry, Aunt Josephine.

Josephine: You girls have been prattling on for hours about nothing. A parlour should be a quiet haven. Instead, it's unbearable.

Anne: "It is weak and silly to say you cannot bear what it is your fate to be required to bear."

Josephine: I beg your pardon?

Anne: Jane Eyre. Don't you just love it?

Josephine: Ah. I've yet to reach that bit.

Anne: Chapter six, I believe. Oh, and the ending makes me weep every time. When Rochester-

Josephine: For heaven's sake, didn't we just establish that I've only begun it?

Anne: Sorry. Oh, I love crying over a good book, don't you?

Josephine: Thus far, I find the prose invigorating. More so if I could hear myself think.

Diana: We'll take the pie straight over to Gilbert as soon as we're done, Aunt Josephine.

Josephine: Small mercies. I'll report back on the ending.

Ruby: Is she always so surly?

Diana: She's always scary. The surly part just worsened now that she's sad.

Anne: It must be awful beyond measure to lose someone that you love deeply. In a split second, a heartbeat, they're gone forever and there is nothing that you can do to change it or bring them back.

Minnie May: Anne?

You're crying on the potatoes.

Anne: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

SCENE: Way to the Blythe's house, later

Diana: [off-screen] There's nothing wrong with saying I'm sorry for your loss, Ruby. And I'm going to say it because I am.

Ruby: You'll just make it worse if you say that! His father just died!

Diana: That's what people say when someone dies.

Ruby: I don't want you to upset him.

Diana: He's already upset because his father just died! Anne, please tell Ruby that it's alright to say-

Anne: I'm thinking perhaps I should get on home.

Diana: What?

Ruby: Why?

Anne: I'm sure Marilla must be needing my help with something.

Ruby: Don't be silly. We're almost there. Hold my hand.

I'm so nervous!

SCENE: Blythe's house, later

Ruby: We're sorry to intrude, but we wanted you to have that.

Diana: We're sorry for your loss.

Ruby: It's a shepherd's pie. We made it together especially for you.

Gilbert: Thank you.

Diana: We hope you like shepherd's pie.

Ruby: Everyone likes shepherd's pie.

We hope it's a comfort to you, Gilbert.

Diana: Anne made the topping. She's a good cook.

Anne: But I would make a terrible wife!

Gilbert: Well, um thank you for stopping by.

SCENE: Green Gables, later

Anne: Marilla, did you ever want to marry?

Marilla: I- There was a time when I thought I would, but it wasn't possible. Now come set the table, please.

Anne: That sounds rather tragical. Why wasn't it possible? Were you a woman scorned?

Marilla: I was not. I was needed at home.

Anne: Forever?

Marilla: Well that's just how things worked out. My mother never recovered from my older brother's death. She... I was needed here.

Now let me get the breakfast on.

SCENE: Avonlea County General Store, later

Clayton the Shopkeeper: I'll just add this on. Now, you'll settle up today, Matthew.

Matthew: Hello, Gilbert.

Gilbert: Oh, good day, Mr. Cuthbert.

Matthew: So, uh bit of a cold snap, eh?

Gilbert: True enough.

Matthew: Uh, the other day at the, uh... I-I noticed you had to leave a couple fields go fallow.

Gilbert: I haven't decided yet.

Matthew: I'm sorry?

Gilbert: I'll let you know if I'm going to sell.

Matthew: Oh. No, no, no. I just, um... I only wanted you to know that me and my hand Jerry, we'd be real happy to help out. We'll come on over in the spring if you like. Get you back up and running.

Gilbert: That's very kind. Truth is, uh... I never really wanted to be a farmer.

Well, I'd best get to it.

Clayton: As I was saying, I wonder if you could settle up today. Shame about that vessel. Word on the street is, you had crops aboard.

Matthew: Vessel?

Clayton: You didn't hear? Ship went down on the way to the mainland.

Matthew: Out of Charlottetown?

Clayton: Mm-hmm. The vendor didn't have insurance, so there's no recouping the loss. It's a cryin' shame, is what it is. Now, that'll be $6.10, Matthew.

Matthew: What was the name of the ship?

Clayton: The Dal Marie.

SCENE: Outside, later

Billy Andrews: Hey, Gilbert! How's it going, Blythe?

Gilbert: Fine.

Billy: You gotta come back to school, bud. That ugly orphan's out of control.

Gilbert: What do you care?

Billy: We need a guy to show her she's not so smart.

Gilbert: She's smart. Deal with it.

Billy: Why you gotta be like that, bud?

Gilbert: Why don't you bust out a book and take care of it yourself?

Billy: Yeah, right. Good one, bud.

Gilbert: I'll give you a tip, okay?

Billy: Yeah?

Gilbert: I'm not your bud.

Billy: Yeah, right.

Gilbert: And if you ever hassle Anne again, you'll regret it.

Billy: Yeah, right.

Gilbert: Yeah, right.

Billy: What's your problem?

Gilbert: Ask me that again. No, seriously. Go ahead.

Billy: Why you gotta be like that?

Gilbert: Ask me!

Billy: Come on, bud. I don't get you. Seriously, what's your problem?

SCENE: Graveyard, later

Marilla: Gilbert. I'm sorry to intrude.

Gilbert: Oh, no, not at all, Miss Cuthbert. Please... take your time.

Marilla: I wonder how he feels about being so stationary. John was a traveler at heart.

Gilbert: I believe the military moved him around a lot in his early years.

Marilla: He had the life he wanted, then. Full of adventure. I'd heard he'd settled in Alberta?

Gilbert: Um... we were a large family for a while. I'm the last. The only.

Marilla: I'm sorry.

Gilbert: No, it's okay. We moved back here right after I was born. The prodigal sons. That's what he used to call us. He took me back there recently. Alberta. He wanted to see it again. It's beautiful.

Marilla: In school, back when we were acquainted, John talked of big cities, of other parts of the world. It seemed impossible.

Gilbert: Sounds good to me.

Marilla: You resemble him in many ways.

There was nothing he could say to talk me into leaving. I wish...

Gilbert: He-he asked you to go with him?

Marilla: I'll always be grateful to him for thinking I'd be brave enough. Obligation... can be a prison. I've always wondered... I'll take my leave. Please reach out to us if you need anything at all.

Gilbert: Thank you, Miss Cuthbert.

SCENE: Green Gables parlor, later

SCENE: Anne's room, later

Anne: That is not what I meant.

SCENE: Barry's house, later

Anne: Hello, Mary Joe. May I come in?

Mary Joe: Are you wanting Diana? She's gone out.

Anne: No!

I'm sorry to bother you, Miss Barry, but I have a pressing need to ask you something and you're my designated mentor.

Oh. I'm sorry.

Josephine: Oh, it's quite all right, child.

Anne: I should go.

Josephine: No. No.

Oh. Emotion is rarely convenient and often intolerable, but I find, at the moment, that I don't mind it.

Anne: I'm sorry. Grief is confusing.

Josephine: Grief is the price you pay for love, you see. So it's all right. I miss my dear Gertrude very much. And I loved her with all my heart.

Anne: She was your kindred spirit.

Josephine: Yes.

Anne: I admire you, Miss Josephine. You're my role model.

Josephine: Oh, dear.

Anne: I aspire to utilize my intellect fully and never succumb to frivolities such as romance.

Josephine: Then you wouldn't be much like me at all.

Anne: But you and I are not the marrying kind.

Josephine: Ah, but I was, in my way. And we had a full and wonderful life together. I have no regrets. That's all you really have to decide, Anne, to live a life with no regrets.

SCENE: Bank of Carmody, later

SCENE: Blythe's house, later

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