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SCENE: A train station. A girl with red hair is waiting on the platform.

Anne: [spies Matthew] Ah! [stands up]

Matthew: [looking around nervously] Oh ... um ... hmm.

Anne: Hello, are you Mr Matthew of Green Gables?

Matthew: Oh ... you aren't a boy.

Anne: [laughs] I am so happy to meet you! We were late, and I was getting really worried.

Matthew: Mmm ... I'm sorry I was late as well. Here is my wagon. [gestures to it]

SCENE: The drive to Green Gables.

Anne: I've never had a family of my own. I can't tell you how delighted I am to come live with you.

Matthew: Er, we're nearly there. The house is right --

Anne: Oh, wait, let me guess! It's that one -- over there, right? [pointing]

Matthew: How did you know? Has someone told you about it?

Anne: No, I just sensed that this would be my new home. It isn't a dream after all! [giggles]

Matthew: Oh ...

Narrator: Matthew was very confused. He had wanted to adopt a boy, and had been sent Anne instead. Now that she was here and seemed so happy, he didn't have the heart to send her back.

SCENE: The interior of Green Gables.

Marilla: What's going on, Matthew? Where is the boy?

Matthew: Um, there was no boy -- just this girl waiting at the station.

Marilla: [splutters] How could this be?

Anne: [starts to cry] Oh, I knew it was too good to be true! You didn't want me at all, didn't you?

Marilla: [puts her hands on Anne's shoulders] Now, stop your whining, child. No use crying over spilt milk. [sighs] We asked the orphanage for a boy, but you will do just fine if you promise to be good, all right?

[Anne stops crying and looks hopefully up at Marilla.]

Narrator: Green Gables became Anne's new home, and she had a family at last.

SCENE: Morning at Green Gables. Anne wakes up, stretches and yawns.

Marilla: Anne, good morning. Did you sleep well?

Anne: [giggles] Yes, I did, thank you.

Marilla: Oh, yes. I am going over to visit Diana's family. Would you like to come, too?

Anne: I would love to! May I, please? [clasps her hands together]

SCENE: Anne and Marilla arrive at Orchard Slope.

Diana: Oh, come in! Mother will be glad to see you. [giggles]

Marilla: You are looking well today, Diana. Meet Anne. [Anne curtsies] Say hello to each other, come on.

Diana: [curtsies] Nice to meet you.

[Anne giggles. Mrs Barry approaches.]

Mrs Barry: Diana, you can go out and show Anne around the garden.

SCENE: Anne and Diana are standing next to the brook, hands clasped. They giggle, chatter and play together.

Narrator: Anne and Diana got along splendidly, and soon became friends.

SCENE: The girls are walking to school.

Narrator: Anne was delighted to have a friend to share secrets and adventure with.

SCENE: Anne and Diana in school.

Narrator: Anne and Diana went to the same school.

Diana: [leaning to whisper in Anne's ear] Watch out! He is very clever, but he is the most horrid tease. His name is Gilbert. Be careful!

Anne: Oh?

[Gilbert, who is sitting behind Anne, grabs one of her braids.]

Gilbert: Carrot head! Carrot head!

Anne: Leave me alone! Leave me alone! [takes her slate and smashes it on his head]

SCENE: Anne and Gilbert are in front of Mr Phillips, the teacher.

Mr Phillips: Anne, this is unacceptable behaviour!

Anne: I -- I'm sorry. [looks contrite] I'm sorry!

Gilbert: It was my fault. I provoked her by teasing her.

Mr Phillips: Anne, you will go stand by the blackboard until the end of the day.

SCENE: The schoolroom. Anne is standing by the blackboard.

Mr Phillips: We are done. Class dismissed!

[Anne bursts into tears and runs out of the school. Gilbert runs after her.]

Gilbert: Anne, I didn't mean to get you in trouble! I'm really sorry, Anne! Anne!

Narrator: Indignant and implacable, Anne refused to accept his apologies.

SCENE: Anne, Diana and their friends are by the pond. Diana is clasping Anne's hands. Anne has her eyes shut.

Diana: OK, why don't we play Princess Ellen?

Anne: [opens her eyes] Oh, I want to be Princess Ellen! [giggles]

SCENE: The girls are gathered around Anne, who is sitting in a boat at the edge of the lake.

Diana: Let us begin. Lie down, Anne.

[Anne lies down in the boat and closes her eyes.]

Girl in orange: The princess is dead!

Diana: Now, we must kiss Princess Ellen's pale forehead and whisper, "Goodbye, my love", and then push the boat out to sea.

[She kisses Anne's forehead. The other girls do the same.]

Diana and the other girls: Goodbye, my love! [waving]

[Diana pushes the boat away from the shore.]

SCENE: Anne's boat is floating gently down the lake. It knocks against a rock, and water starts to seep in.

Anne: [sitting up] What? The boat is leaking! Now what?

SCENE: Anne is clinging desperately to the trestle of a bridge. The boat is sinking into the water.

Anne: Somebody help me! Help! Help me!

Gilbert: [rowing closer] Anne! Anne! I'm coming! [stands up in his boat and extends his hand] Here ... here, take my hand, Anne!

Anne: OK! [takes his hand]

SCENE: Anne and Gilbert are in his boat. Anne looks cross.

Gilbert: What was that?

Anne: We were playing Princess Ellen, but my boat began to leak, and I almost drowned.

[The boat arrives at the shore. Anne springs up.]

Anne: Well, thanks for saving me. [dashes off]

Gilbert: Anne!

[Anne stops.]

Gilbert: I just wanted to apologise for calling you carrot head before. Please forgive me.

Anne: [sticking her nose in the air] I refuse to accept your apologies.

Narrator: Although Anne's heart fluttered when he apologised to her, she did not want to let him see it, even if that meant being unkind to him.

[Anne rejoins her friends.]

Diana: Anne! We were afraid you had drowned. I am so glad you are safe. What happened?

Anne: I was able to grab hold of the pier, and Gilbert came over in his father's boat and rescued me.

Diana: What? He did, did he? So, are you friends now?

Anne: Never! I'm sorry I damaged your father's boat.

Diana: Oh, it's all right. We should be more careful in the future, Anne.

SCENE: The interior of Green Gables. Marilla is wiping the dishes.

Anne: I'm home!

Marilla: Oh, Anne, have you heard? The school is organising special classes for students who want to apply to Queen's Academy. Would you like to study there and become a teacher?

Anne: [clasps her hands together] Oh, Marilla, that's my dream! But what about the money? We don't have enough money.

Narrator: Marilla promised to help Anne and pay for her schooling.

SCENE: Anne is studying hard.

Narrator: Anne began to prepare for her application right away. She took the entrance exam, hoping to be admitted for the winter semester.

SCENE: Anne is sitting in her bedroom window.

Diana: [calls from below] Oh, Anne! You are in first place! It's a tie between you and Gilbert!

Anne: [clasps her hands together] Oh, how wonderful! Can this be possible? I am so happy! [calls across to Matthew] Matthew, I've been accepted! In first place!

Matthew: [waves] Congratulations, Anne! I always knew you could do it! Good girl! [laughs]

SCENE: The train station.

Narrator: Anne bid her family goodbye and boarded the train, headed for Queen's Academy.

Girl in train window: [waves her handkerchief] Bye! Bye!

Anne: [clasps Diana's hands] Write to me every day, Diana! Marilla, I will call as soon as I arrive. Take care of yourself, Matthew. [hugs Diana]

Matthew and Marilla: Take care, Anne.

Anne: [boards the train] I'll see you soon! Goodbye, everyone!

SCENE: Queen's Academy.

Narrator: Anne was excited at freshman orientation, but she was lonely as well, because there was no one she knew there, except Gilbert. The green roof of the dormitory made her think of Green Gables, and she wanted to cry because she missed her family.

Girl in pink: The student who achieves first place will win a gold medal and will be eligible for the Avery scholarships.

Anne: [overhearing] Scholarships! Oh, if only I could win ...

SCENE: Queen's Academy. The students are looking at the list of results.

Girl in pink: Excellent work, Anne! You have won an Avery scholarship!

Anne: Have I really? That's amazing! Oh ... Gilbert won a gold medal, too.

SCENE: Anne journeys home again.

Narrator: Time sped by, and Anne graduated from the program with excellent grades. Marilla and Matthew were very proud of her, and were glad to have her back home with them. Anne was finally able to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet. Then, tragedy struck.

SCENE: Matthew is reading the newspaper when he groans and falls on the floor.

Marilla: [shakes Matthew] Oh, oh! Matthew! Matthew! What is it? Wake up!

Anne: Matthew! [Marilla sobs] Matthew!

Marilla: Hurry, Anne! Call the doctor!

Anne: Of course!

SCENE: Anne dashes away and brings the doctor back with her. He examines Matthew.

Marilla: [upset] How is he, Doctor? He isn't --?

Doctor: Hmm ... I am so sorry, but he is gone.

Marilla: Oh, no! [breaks down] His heart problems have been getting worse ever since our bank crashed and we lost all of our money. What will we do now?

Anne: [sobs] Poor Matthew!

SCENE: Matthew's funeral. Marilla's arm is around Anne.

Anne: He called me his daughter yesterday. He said he was proud of me ... [bursts into tears]

Marilla: Oh, Anne. He is at peace now.

SCENE: Anne and Marilla are sitting together outside Green Gables.

Marilla: Have you heard, Anne? Gilbert has become a teacher now.

Anne: Yes, I know.

Marilla: He has grown into such a fine young man. He is so much like his father at his age.

Anne: Oh, did you know his father well?

Marilla: We were ... quite close. We got into a bad argument once, and I never accepted his apologies. I still regret rejecting him back then ...

Anne: Oh ...

Narrator: Anne remembered her behaviour to Gilbert that day at the lake, and she realised she regretted it, too. One day, they met again ...

SCENE: Anne crosses paths with Gilbert in the woods. Gilbert is whistling.

Anne: Gilbert!

Gilbert: Anne! How splendid to see you! I have wanted to say something to you for a while now.

Anne: What is it? Tell me.

Gilbert: Have you still not forgiven me for how I treated you all those years ago?

Anne: I already forgave you, that day at the lake. I'm sorry, too.

Gilbert: Really? [takes her hands in his] I hope we can become good friends and see much more of each other.

Anne: I hope so, too.

Gilbert: Yes.

Narrator: Anne and Gilbert became very close friends and lived happily ever after.

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