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"Somewhere in the attic,
Just beyond the kitchen stair,
We know, we know, we know, we know
The ghost is waiting there.
—Jerry, Faith, Una and Carl

Rainbow Valley is a 1999 musical stage production based on Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery. It was first produced by The Castle Co. and has two acts. After its initial run in 2000, the show was put aside until its 2018 revival at The Guild in Charlottetown.


Rainbow Valley centres around the lives of four boisterous children, their single father, his reluctant sweetheart, and a destitute home-girl, Mary Vance. The children lack the one thing that would make their house a home. The minister lacks the one thing that would make him truly happy. And Mary Vance? She finds the one thing she has been waiting for all her life. And in doing so she brings all the other things together. This is vintage Lucy Maud Montgomery; a perfect story for a family musical, performed by a wonderful Island cast of children and adults, in the perfect Island setting of Orwell Corner Historic Village.[1]


  • "Something's in Our Attic"
  • "Ephigenia Wiley"
  • "Four Winds"



  • Unknown

2018 (November 2018, The Guild, Charlottetown)

Understudies: Kady Bruce (Rosemary West)


Behind the scenes[]

  • This is the third musical based on a book by L.M. Montgomery that Hank Stinson has adapted. The other two were The Blue Castle and Emily of New Moon, and they both received enthusiastic receptions by audiences.
  • Hank Stinson, the author of the musical, is well known for his portrayal of various characters in Anne of Green Gables: The Musical (1965–present), most notably Matthew Cuthbert in the 1990s and 2010s. Stinson also portrayed the role as Minister (2005 and 2006).

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