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Rachel Lynde is the wife of Thomas Lynde, a gossipy neighbour of the Cuthberts, and Marilla's only friend.


Early life[]

Rachel was born in the 1820s, most likely in Avonlea. She attended school with Marilla and Matthew and knew them since childhood.


When she was eighteen Rachel married Thomas Lynde, a quiet and unassuming man. Eliza Barry notes that he never makes any decisions without consulting his wife. Together they had twelve children, two of whom died in infancy. She often speaks of her oldest son, Thomas Jr. who burned down their shed several times.

Life with Anne[]

Physical appearance[]

Rachel is much shorter than Marilla with grey hair that she keeps in a bun, a round face and a warm smile.


Rachel loves to gossip, never being able to keep a secret for longer than five minutes. She is also very stubborn. Once she gets her mind set on doing something, she won't stop until she succeeds.


Marilla Cuthbert[]

Marilla was Rachel's best friend since their school years. They are so close Rachel has a tendency to burst through the door of Green Gables without knocking. Like Diana and Anne, they are always there for each other and despite their sometimes differing ideas, they still remain close.

Anne Shirley[]

Thomas Lynde[]

Rachel married Thomas Lynde when she was eighteen. Thomas is quiet and unassuming and relies on his wife for quite a bit. William Barry noted it was "rather undignified" how he never made a decision without her.


Rachel is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means ewe or female sheep.

Behind the scenes[]



  • The CBC website describes her as, The Cuthberts' formidable neighbor and Marilla's only friend, Rachel's favorite hobby is gossip and she loves nothing more dearly than being asked for advice.[3]


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