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"If you went to your own room at midnight, locked the door, pulled down the blind, and sneezed, Mrs. Lynde would ask you the next day how your cold was!"
Anne Shirley about Rachel.[src]

Rachel Lynde was a friend of Marilla Cuthbert, an Avonlea gossip and the wife of Thomas Lynde.


Early lifeEdit

Rachel was born in the middle of the 1820s probably in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. She was raised there and attended school at the age of six. Rachel had a schoolmate who was redheaded and after some time her hair colour turned to auburn.

Marriage with Thomas LyndeEdit

"Anne is eighteen; I was married when I was that age."
—Rachel Lynde[src]

In the middle of the 1840s, when she was 18 years old, she married Thomas Lynde. They had twelve children together, two of which died at a young age. In 1858, they moved to a new house which they named Lynde's Hollow.

Anne's arrivalEdit

Two weeks after Anne Shirley's arrival Rachel came to Green Gables to see her. She said that Anne was ugly. Anne got angry and said that she hated Rachel. Rachel was horrified and left Green Gables. On the next evening Anne apologized to her. She later forgave Anne.

Thomas' death and move to Green GablesEdit

Rachel's husband died of unknown causes in June 1883. Mourning the loss of her husband and unable to keep up her house any more, she moved in with Marilla at Green Gables and helped her with Dora and Davy Keith.


"Mrs. Rachel was one of those delightful and popular people who pride themselves on speaking their mind without fear or favour."
Anne of Green Gables[src]

Rachel was outspoken, opinionated, gossipy and matter-of-fact. She was a capable woman who made it her business to know about other people. Anne and Rachel got off on the wrong foot, but they eventually made peace with each other.

Physical appearanceEdit


Rachel is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means ewe or female sheep.

Behind the scenesEdit


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