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"I am so sick of pumpkin preserves! Never, never let us have pumpkin preserves in our house of dreams."
Anne Shirley in her letter to Gilbert Blythe.[src]

Pumpkin preserves is a sweet kind of food made of pumpkin.


In November 1887, Anne Shirley was invited to supper to the homes of her students. In one house she ate pumpkin preserves and she incautiously raved about it. 

"The first time I had it I loved it... it was so golden that I felt I was eating preserved sunshine..."
Anne Shirley[src]

People then thought that she was very fond of pumpkin preserves and they had it for supper when Anne visited them. When she was invited to Mr. Hamilton's she thought they wouldn't have it because no one liked it there. However, Mrs. Hamilton heard that Anne liked it, so she asked her cousin in Lowvale for one jar of pumpkin preserves.

"You should have seen Rebecca Dew's face when I arrived home from the Hamiltons' bearing a glass jar two-thirds full of P. P.! Nobody likes it here so we buried it darkly at dead of night in the garden."
—Anne Shirley[src]


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