"Proof of the Pudding" is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Road to Avonlea and sixth episode overall.


Felicity, Felix, Cecily and Andrew are left on their own at the King Farm for two days when Janet and Alec leave for a wedding anniversary.



Main cast

Recurring cast

  • Valentina Cardinalli as Jane Spry
  • Miklos Perlus as Peter Craig
  • Michael Polley as Dr. Blair
  • Gillian Steeve as Clemmie Ray

Guest cast

  • Paul Haddad as Mr. Simpkin
  • Doris Petrie as Mrs. Lesley


  • John Shepherd as Henry


Felicity King: Mother, you're much too indulgent with that boy. The Family Guide says that bad behavior must be nipped in the bud. Nipped in the bud!

Cecily King: Holding it is almost as good as getting it myself.

Sara Stanley: Look at your own feet, Felicity. Everyone knows you have feet the size of snowshoes.

Felicity: Has your father gone to jail yet?

Felix King: I'd like to see your face down in the mud, Felicity. It'd probably be a good improvement.

Sara: Cecily, when I was your age, I had sailed down the Nile and seen the seven wonders of the world. When I had a stain on anything, I simply threw it away.

Hetty King: Humph! Lawyer indeed, a twister of words and confounder of honest people is more like it.

Felicity: Aunt Hetty asked me to rub some sense into you and I intend to rub hard.

Felicity: I am known throughout Avonlea for the excessive amount of cherries in my pies.

Felix: You were right, it pays to hold your temper and let others lose it for you.

Sara: I don't want to put my hand in his mouth!

Felix: Someone do something before I croak!

Cecily: Old people like looking at old pictures.

Felix: If more adults were deaf, there'd be more honesty in children.

Felix: Felicity King is noted through Avonlea for her famous cherry pie and sawdust pudding.

Andrew King: There go the water rights!

Felix: Hmm...these tarts need a little something. How about some poison berries...maybe a pinch of sawdust.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Inspired by Chapter 17 of the same name in The Story Girl. In the book, Sara mistook sawdust for cornmeal instead of Felicity.


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Road to Avonlea (Proof of the Pudding) - Rebellion

Road to Avonlea (Proof of the Pudding) - Rebellion

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