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Project Green Gables is a Finnish drama web series adapted from Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery.

The story is conveyed in the form of vlogs. It is a modern adaptation of Anne, and many of the elements in it have been changed to better suit 21st-century culture.

The series is created by Laura Eklund Nhaga and Janika Vikman, with Laura Eklund Nhaga starring as Anne Shirley. Project Green Gables premiered on YouTube on July 17, 2015.



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Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


  • Janika Vikman as Extra/Audience Member (3/134)
  • Peppiina Purtilo as Extra (2/134)
  • Miriam Tallgren as Extra (2/134)
  • Eeti Verve as Extra (2/134)
  • Aino Bertell as Extra (1/134)
  • Anne Eskola as Extra (1/134)
  • Christina Fröberg as Extra (1/134)
  • Alexandra Gröhn as Extra (1/134)
  • Susanna Hassinen as Extra (1/134)
  • Marko Huttu as Audience Member (1/134)
  • Mimosa Jaskari as Audience Member (1/134)
  • Ville Kuuslahti as Audience Member (1/134)
  • Annukka Lidqvist as Extra (1/134)
  • Emma Lounela as Audience Member (1/134)
  • Mira Nybom as Extra (1/134)
  • Sanna Pöysä as Audience Member (1/134)
  • Kerttu Rantala as Extra (1/134)
  • Santeri Suvanto as Audience Member (1/134)
  • Eijariina Vartiainen as Audience Member (1/134)
  • Marko Wilskman as Audience Member (1/134)


Casting Director: Mimosa Jaskari
Cinematographers: Tuulia Heiskanen (101/134), Iiris Sydänmaanlakka (14/134), Laura Eklund Nhaga (9/134), Mimosa Jaskari (5/134), Sara Vaittinen (2/134), Viviana Irving (1/134), Hilppa Kaasinen (1/134), Jutta Majava (1/134), Lyydia Mäkipää (1/134), Peppiina Purtilo (1/134)
Creators: Laura Eklund Nhaga (111/134), Janika Vikman (111/134)
Directors: Tuulia Heiskanen (49/134), Laura Eklund Nhaga (48/134), Iiris Sydänmaanlakka (32/134), Sara Vaittinen (2/134), Jutta Majava (1/134)
Editors: Tuulia Heiskanen (106/134), Lyydia Mäkipää (18/134), Iiris Sydänmaanlakka (9/134)
Executive Producers: Laura Eklund Nhaga (133/134), Janika Vikman (133/134)
Intro Music: Laura Eklund Nhaga (5/134)
Music: Setuniman (1/134)
PR: Mimosa Jaskari, Iiris Sydänmaanlakka
Producers: Tanja Lebedeff (101/134), Anri Väre (101/134), Mimosa Jaskari (60/134)
Production Assistant: Peppiina Purtilo (22/134)
Production Designer: Mimosa Jaskari (62/134)
Writers: Laura Eklund Nhaga (83/134), Janika Vikman (56/134), Jutta Majava (3/134), Tuulia Heiskanen (2/134), Viviana Irving (2/134), Sara Vaittinen (1/134)


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Behind the scenes[]

Production notes

  • The Season 1 theme song was composed and sung by one of the creators, Laura Eklund Nhaga.

Awards and accolades[]

Year Award Show Category Recipients Result
2016 Literary-Inspired Web Series Awards Best Actress in a Leading Role Laura Eklund Nhaga Nominated


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