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"Professional Things: Interviewing Gilbert" is the second vlog of Ruby Gillis and a Green Gables Fables episode. It premiered on YouTube on December 12, 2014.


I ask Gilbert some very important questions


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Editor: Emilia Hills
Producer: Marie Trotter
Writer: Alicia Whitson


Ruby: How do you feel about girls with freckles?
Gilbert: I guess I'm pretty indifferent to whether a girl has freckles or not.
Ruby: Okay...
Gilbert: How do you feel about girls with...
Ruby: They're pretty cool! But the more important question is how do girls with freckles feel about you?
Gilbert: I don't know every girl with freckles in the world so I assume their opinions would vary.
Ruby: Well, I know that at least some of them like you even if sometimes it seems like they don't at all.

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Production notes

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