Prissy Andrews is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, the older sister of Billy and Jane Andrews, and a former student of Avonlea school.


Prissy is introduced as the older sister of Billy and Jane Andrews and a student at the Avonlea school. As one of the older students in the class, it appears that she is receiving additional lessons from Mr. Phillips in preparation for attending Queen's Academy. However, many of the students notice that it seems that Mr. Phillips is courting Prissy. When Anne Shirley-Cuthbert begins attending school, she inadvertently suggests that Prissy and Mr. Phillips have developed an inappropriate physical relationship.[2] The resulting rumors nearly destroy Prissy's reputation and outrages the entire community, though they are eventually quelled thanks to the unseen efforts of Prissy's mother.[3]

Mr. Phillips continues to court Prissy and eventually asks her father for Prissy's hand in marriage. While Prissy is overjoyed that her father deems Mr. Phillips acceptable, her mother expresses worry that Prissy is marrying too soon. Having hoped that Prissy would be the first in a tradition of educated wives who thought for themselves, Mrs. Andrews believes that an early marriage will mean that Prissy will have to give up her education. Prissy angrily rejects the notion, arguing the choice is hers and that she can go to college after her marriage, but begins to have doubts when Mr. Phillips tells Prissy he expects her to dedicate herself completely to being his wife. On Prissy's wedding day, she hears the comments of her school friends about the desire for a happy and equal partnership in marriage and realizes that Mr. Phillips does not love her. Overcoming her fear of public opinions, Prissy leaves him at the altar and runs out of the church, followed by her sister and friends, and declaring that she's free.[4] After leaving Mr. Phillips at the altar, Prissy continues to attend school with the new teacher, Muriel Stacy, but is humiliated when Anne brings up the open secret that Prissy ran out of her own wedding.[5]

Prissy eventually completes her education at the Avonlea school and begins attending college at Queen's Academy in Charlottetown. The experience allows her to develop an independent mind, as her mother hoped, though Prissy has also begun to recognize how the social structures in Avonlea have limited the potential for women. Prissy returns to Avonlea during the county fair, where she shares Jane's dismay that Josie Pye is going to marry their brother Billy.[6] Despite her personal dislike of Josie, she points out the hypocrisy of how her family defended her reputation while they denigrate Josie after Billy begins rumors that damage Josie's reputation. She bluntly tells Billy that he alone has the power to fix Josie's situation.[3]

Recognizing that Billy is unsuitable for running the family's businesses, Prissy reveals that she has a plan to keep family's enterprises running as Billy's partner. However, her father dismisses Prissy because he believes it is wrong for women to be involved in business and would rather see it ruined by Billy. When she reveals that she has no intention of marrying in the near future and requests her dowry, her father rejects her request, intending only to release it when she marries a man of his choice. Disappointed with her family's contentment to maintain the status quo, Prissy joins Anne's demonstration against censorship at the town hall and stand up for what is right.[3]

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Prissy, short for Priscilla has fair hair, and what appears to be blueish eyes.


Prissy is more "lovey-dovey" than her sensible, good sister Jane.


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Prissy is courted by Mr Phillips, Anne's first school-teacher. Many of the students at the Avonlea schoolhouse have witnessed moments where it appears that Prissy and Mr. Phillips are flirting, implying they have an intimate relationship of some nature. When Anne first sees Prissy and Mr. Phillips alone together in the teacher's room at the Avonlea schoolhouse, Anne accidentally begins rumors that suggest that Prissy and Mr. Phillips have developed an improper relationship that nearly ruins Prissy's reputation.

Though the rumors that anything improper has occurred eventually dissipate, Mr. Phillips continues to make flirtatious overtures to Prissy and eventually makes a proposal of marriage for Prissy's hand through her father. Though Prissy hopes to continue her education and attend college after her marriage, Mr. Phillips insists that she fully devote herself to being his wife. With growing realization that Mr. Phillips does not love her and that she wants to make her own choices in life, Prissy abandons him at the altar on their wedding day, and runs outside into the snow followed by her sister and the other girls.

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