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Pierce Grayson was the father of little Elizabeth Grayson.


Early life[]

Pierce was born during 1850s in United States to Mr. and Mrs. Grayson. He was raised there and attended school. Pierce decided to work as a businessman.


In the late 1870s, during his business travels across USA and Canada, he met his future wife and fell in love with her. They were married probably in 1878. A year later, Pierce's wife gave birth to their only child and died after the birth. Pierce named his little daughter Elizabeth.

Pierce was devastated after his wife's death. He gave Elizabeth to her great-grandmother, Mrs. Campbell, and he moved to Paris, France.

Life with Little Elizabeth[]

After Pierce came to see Elizabeth, instead of taking her back to Paris, he took her to live with him in Boston.


Physical appearance[]

"She liked his crinkly hazel eyes and his crinkly brown hair and his square chin and his smile."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 12, The Third Year[src]


Pierce is a male given name of English origin, variant of Peter which means rock.

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