Persis Ford was the daughter of Leslie West and Owen Ford and the sister of Kenneth.


Early lifeEdit

Persis was born in 1895 to Leslie and Owen Ford, in Toronto, Canada. Her father gave her the name of Persis after his grandmother, Persis Leigh. She was raised with her older brother Kenneth.

Every summer the whole family came to House of Dreams in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island. Persis befriended the Ingleside twins, Nan and Di Blythe, the daughters of her mother's friends. Kenneth was a good friend to their brothers, Walter and Jem Blythe.

Persis, the golden haired and the lively, often visited Ingleside and became a great favourite with Uncle Gil. Gilbert teased her quite a bit, and a fair amount of good-natured banter went on between the two.

Later lifeEdit

Persis's later life is not described in the Anne series.


Physical appearanceEdit


Persis is a female given name of Greek origin and means from Persia.

  • Persis was named after her great-grandmother, the Schoolmaster's bride, Persis Leigh.


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