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Pauline Gibson was the daughter of Adoniram and Mrs. Gibson and a friend of Anne Shirley.


Early life[]

Pauline was born in 1843 in White Sands, Prince Edward Island, to Adoniram Gibson and his wife. She was raised there along with her siblings being was the youngest child of her family.

Moving to Summerside[]

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Pauline was a loyal and loving daughter and cared well for her mother after the rest of her siblings married and moved away. However she was very glad when Anne gave her a break from care-taking, to go to a silver wedding.

Physical appearance[]

"She is a little pale, fawn-eyed thing with golden-brown hair that is still glossy and pretty."
Anne Shirley describing Pauline in her letter to Gilbert Blythe.[src]


Pauline is a female given name of Latin origin, variant of Paula and Paulina and means small.

Behind the scenes[]




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