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Patricia Gage was a Scottish actress who provided the voice of Marilla Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series (2000–2001) and the 2005 video film Anne: Journey to Green Gables.

She also portrayed Mrs. Hardy in "Old Quarrels, Old Love", the fifth episode of Season 2 of Road to Avonlea (1990–1996).



Year Title Role
1956 As the World Turns Corrine Lawrence
1963 The Littlest Hobo Mary Riley
1965 When Tomorrow Dies Gwen James
1973 Keep It in the Family Celia Sayers
The Return of Charlie Chan Sylvia Grombach
1974 Performance
Why Rock the Boat? Isobel Scannell
1977 Rabid Roxanne Keloid
1979 King of Kensington Mrs. Enright
1987 Hello Again Bejewelled Woman
1988 Diamonds
1988 - 1993 Street Legal Judge Morton
1989 Looking for Miracles Grace Gibson
1990 The Little Kidnappers Mrs. MacKenzie
Maniac Mansion Elinor Edison
Counterstrike Amanda
1991 Perfectly Normal Mrs. Hathaway
Pure Luck Secretary
Road to Avonlea Mrs. Hardy
1992 I'll Never Get to Heaven Trea O'Doyle
Child of Rage Laurel
1993 Secret Service Jo Ann Hinckley
E.N.G. Connie Antonelli
Family Passions Camilla Haller
Class of '96 Eleanor Palmer
The Substitute Principal Beatty
1994 Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story Lara Parkes
Side Effects Rina Himmel
1995 TekWar Eleanor LaFeare
The Silence of Adultery Olive
First Degree Margeaux Pyne
1996 Traders
A Brother's Promise: The Dan Jansen Story Gerry Jansen
Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story Mrs. Ellison
The Morrison Murders: Based on a True Story Aunt Clare
Dangerous Offender: The Marlene Moore Story Maureen Woodcock
1997 While My Pretty One Sleeps Ethel Lambston
Goosebumps Aunt Dahlia
1998 Earth: Final Conflict Rachel Purcell
1998 - 1999 Highlander: The Raven Lucy Becker
1999 Dinner at Fred's Aunt Bonnie
2000 American Psycho Mrs. Wolfe
Waking the Dead Fielding's Mother
Twice in a Lifetime Mrs. Gerson
The Miracle Worker Aunt Ev
2000–2001 Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series Marilla Cuthbert
2001 - 2003 Doc Irene Hart
2002 Tracker Harriet Chapin
Queer as Folk Virginia Hammond
2002 - 2003 Street Time Mary Hunter
2003 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids Betty Beetle
Going for Broke Lois
Penguins Behind Bars Matron Hruffwater
Finding John Christmas Eleanor McAllister
2004 - 2006 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends Betty Beetle
2005 Anne: Journey to Green Gables Marilla Cuthbert
2006 Puppets Who Kill Aunt Bambi
Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure Old Turtle

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