The Older Girl was a resident of the Saint Alban's Orphanage where Anne Shirley was placed after Mr. Hammond's death.


During Anne Shirley's time at the Saint Alban's Orphanage, Anne was regularly bullied by an older girl, whose name was not given in the series. The older girl would frequently lead other girls at the orphanage in acts of physical and psychological abuse towards Anne. At some point, she discovered Anne had developed a fantasy alter-ego, "Princess Cordelia", to cope with living at the orphanage; the older girl began to use the name "Princess Cordelia" to cruelly mock Anne.[1][2]

Years later, Anne discovers the older girl had never left the orphanage. The older girl had aged out of the orphanage's system, but because she could not find another means of supporting herself, she became a paid servant at the orphanage. When the girl recognizes Anne, she attempts to hurt Anne with the same cruel words she had used in the past and tries to goad Anne by suggesting Anne had been rejected by her adopted family and returned to the orphanage again. Seeing how her former tormentor has become trapped by her circumstances, Anne expresses sympathy that the older girl was never able to leave the orphanage. Anne leaves the girl behind, as the older girl bitterly rejects the notion she never left the orphanage because she is being paid to work there while admitting she would never stay if she had another choice.[3]

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  • Alexandra Floras-Matic portrayed the Older Girl in the Canadian TV series Anne with an E (2017–2019).


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