O.P. Heggie was an Australian film and theatre actor, also known for his role as Matthew Cuthbert in the 1934 film Anne of Green Gables.



Year Title Role
1928 The Actress Sir WIlliam Gower
1929 The Letter Joyce
The Wheel of Life John Dangan
The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu Nayland Smith
The Mighty J.K. Patterson
1930 The Vagabond King King Louis XI
The Ruturn of Dr. Fu Manchu Nayland Smith
One Romantic Night Father Benedict
The Bad Man Henry Taylor
Playboy of Paris Philibert
Sunny Peters
1931 East Lynne Lord Mount Severn
Too Young to Marry Cyrus Bumpstead
The Woman Between John Whitcomb
Devotion Emmet Mortimer
1932 Smilin' Through Dr. Owen
1933 The King's Vacation Thorpe
Zoo in Budapest Dr. Grunbaum
1934 Midnight Edward Weldon
The Count of Monte Christo Abbe Faria
Peck's Bad Boy Duffy
Anne of Green Gables Matthew Cuthbert
1935 A Dog of Flanders Jehan Daas
Bride of Frankenstein Hermit
Chasing Yesterday Sylvestre Bonnard
Ginger Rexford Whittington
1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island Dr. MacIntyre

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