"'Goldie' became so manifestly an inadequate name for the orange kitten that Walter, who was just then reading Stevenson's story, changed it to Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde. In his Dr. Jekyll mood the cat was a drowsy, affectionate, domestic, cushion-loving puss, who liked petting and gloried in being nursed and patted. Especially did he love to lie on his back and have his sleek, cream-coloured throat stroked gently while he purred in somnolent satisfaction. He was a notable purrer; never had there been an Ingleside cat who purred so constantly and so ecstatically."
Rilla of Ingleside (Chapter 1: Glen "Notes" and Other Matters)[src]

Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde was a cat of two personalities who lived at Ingleside. He was named by Walter who, at that time, was reading Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.


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