This is a list of all the characters, places and things that appeared in Rainbow Valley.


Baker family

  • Mr. Baker
  • Mrs. Baker
  • Susan Baker
  • Susan Baker's uncle (mentioned only)
  • Susan Baker's brother (mentioned only)
  • James Clow (mentioned only)

Blythe family

Drew family

  • Amos Drew (mentioned only)
  • Bertie Shakespeare Drew
  • Bertie Drew's mother (mentioned only)
  • Emmeline Drew
  • Emmeline Drew's mother (mentioned only)
  • Jacob Drew (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Jacob Drew (mentioned only)
  • Jane Drew (mentioned only)
  • Jane Drew's nephew (mentioned only)
  • Jessie Drew (mentioned only)
  • Jessie Drew's mother (mentioned only)
  • Link Drew (mentioned only)
  • Miranda Drew (mentioned only)

Elliott family

Ford family

Meredith family

Murray family

  • Jim Murray (mentioned only)
  • Mirabel Murray (mentioned only)
  • Myra Murray (mentioned only)
  • Myra Murray's aunt (mentioned only)
  • Myra Murray's daughter (mentioned only)
  • Myra Murray's children (mentioned only)
  • Myra Murray's sister-in-law (mentioned only)

Reese family

  • Dan Reese
  • Dan Reese's father (mentioned only)
  • Hester Reese (mentioned only)
  • James Reese (mentioned only)
  • John Reese (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Reese (mentioned only)
  • Russell Reese (mentioned only)
  • Russell Reese's first wife (mentioned only)
  • Russell Reese's second wife (mentioned only)

Vance family

  • Mary Vance
  • Mrs. Vance (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Vance (mentioned only)
  • Mary Vance's grandfather (mentioned only)

West family

  • Ellen West
  • Rosemary West
  • Rosemary West's father (mentioned only)
  • Rosemary West's mother (mentioned only)
  • Rosemary West's old aunt (mentioned only)

Avonlea residents

Glen area residents

  • Boyd boys (mentioned only)
  • Jim Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Captain Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Jake Crawford (mentioned only)
  • John Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. John Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Sandy Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Martin Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Alec Davis (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Alec Davis
  • Mrs. Alec Davis' aunt (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Alec Davis' mother (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Alec Davis' uncle (mentioned only)
  • Harbour Head man (mentioned only)
  • Hill girls (mentioned only)
  • Sarah Kirk (mentioned only)
  • Lida Marsh
  • Lida Marsh's father (mentioned only)
  • Lida Marsh's grandfather (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Marshall
  • Christina McAllister (mentioned only)
  • Rob McAllister (mentioned only)
  • Tom McAllister (mentioned only)
  • Amelia Mead (mentioned only)
  • Warren Mead (mentioned only)
  • Harrison Miller (mentioned only)
  • Harrison Miller's grandfather (mentioned only)
  • Harrison Miller's wife (mentioned only)
  • Over-harbour doctor (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Wiley (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wiley (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wiley's hired boy (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wiley's neighbours (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wilson (mentioned only)
  • Wilson kids (mentioned only)

Glen St. Mary residents

  • Old Bailey (mentioned only)
  • Tom Bailey (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Tom Bailey (mentioned only)
  • Charles Baxter
  • Elder Baxter (mentioned only)
  • Lew Baxter (mentioned only)
  • Lew Baxter's children (mentioned only)
  • Evan Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Joseph Burr (mentioned only)
  • Joseph Burr's wife (mentioned only)
  • Joseph Burr's children (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Carr (mentioned only)
  • Charity (mentioned only)
  • Abraham Clow
  • Mrs. Abraham Clow
  • Adella Clow
  • Charlie Clow (mentioned only)
  • Julia Clow (mentioned only)
  • Minnie Clow
  • Fanny Cooper (mentioned only)
  • Leander Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Leander Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Alec Davis (mentioned only)
  • Kitty Davis (mentioned only)
  • Kitty Davis' nephew (mentioned only)
  • Amy Annetta Douglas (mentioned only)
  • Norman Douglas
  • Thomas Douglas (mentioned only)
  • Faith (mentioned only)
  • Carter Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Jim Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Jim Flagg's child (mentioned only)
  • Peter Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Peter Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Stanley Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Stanley Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Grant (mentioned only)
  • Deacon Hazard (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Deacon Hazard (mentioned only)
  • Hope (mentioned only)
  • Laurie Jamieson (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Laurie Jamieson (mentioned only)
  • Jinny (mentioned only)
  • Elizabeth Kirk
  • Mrs. Kirk (mentioned only)
  • William Marsh (mentioned only)
  • Jimmy Milgrave (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Jimmy Milgrave (mentioned only)
  • Maria Millison (mentioned only)
  • James Millison (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Pethick (mentioned only)
  • Hezekiah Pollock (mentioned only)
  • Caleb Ramsay (mentioned only)
  • Barbara Samson (mentioned only)
  • Barbara Samson's 21 beaus (mentioned only)
  • Joe Samson (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Stimson (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Stimson's two daughters (mentioned only)
  • James Taylor (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Taylor (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Taylor (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Taylor's husbands (mentioned only)
  • Richard Taylor (mentioned only)
  • Joe Vickers (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Vickers (mentioned only)
  • Elder Warren (mentioned only)
  • Henry Warren (mentioned only)
  • Henry Warren's mother (mentioned only)
  • Lottie Warren (mentioned only)
  • Mamie Warren (mentioned only)
  • Ritchie Warren (mentioned only)
  • Rod Warren (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wilson

Lowbridge residents

  • Luella Corey (mentioned only)
  • Luella Corey's husband (mentioned only)
  • Lowbridge bachelor (mentioned only)
  • Lowbridge dentist (mentioned only)
  • Lowbridge doctor (mentioned only)
  • Lowbridge undertaker (mentioned only)
  • Lowbridge undertaker's daughter (mentioned only)

Maywater residents

  • Isaac Crothers (mentioned only)
  • Adam Johnson (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Adam Johnson (mentioned only)

Ministers and their families

  • Mr. Arnett (mentioned only)
  • Rev. Dr. Cooper (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Fisher (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Folsom (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Newman (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Newman's 10 children (mentioned only)
  • James Perry
  • James Perry's daughter (mentioned only)
  • James Perry's wife (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Pierson (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Rogers (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Stewart (mentioned only)
  • Previous Glen minister (mentioned only)
  • Previous Glen minister's two children (mentioned only)
  • Glen Methodist minister / Deacon Warren
  • Glen Methodist minister's wife / Deacon Warren's wife(mentioned only)
  • Upper Lowbridge minister (mentioned only)


  • Mr. Hazard (mentioned only)


  • Bride and Groom
  • Fisherman (mentioned only)
  • Fisherman's father (mentioned only)
  • Fisherman's 6 children (mentioned only)
  • Glen St. Mary organist
  • Trained nurse
  • Mrs. Wiley's cousin (mentioned only)


  • Adam
  • Manse cat
  • Mrs. Stimson's calf (mentioned only)
  • St. George

Persons from real world and religion

  • St. Augustine (mentioned only)
  • Prophet Daniel (mentioned only)
  • King David (mentioned only)
  • Archangel Michael (mentioned only)
  • John Milton (mentioned only)
  • Noah (mentioned only)
  • William Shakespeare (mentioned only)
  • Sir Philip Sidney (mentioned only)
  • Wilhelm II (mentioned only)



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