Before Green Gables was first published jointly by the Penguin Group (Canada) and the Penguin Group (United States) on 21 February 2008. The Japanese edition was published in two separate volumes.

Language Title Transliteration Translation Translator Date
French Anne ... Avant la maison aux pignons verts Anne ... Before the House of Green Gables Dominique Fortier 26 January 2009
German Wie Alles Begann: Anne, das Mädchen von Green Gables How It All Began: Anne, the Girl of Green Gables Dagmar Weischer 1 February 2010
Italian Sorridi, piccola Anna dai capelli rossi Smile, little red-haired Anne I. Bozzeda 27 October 2011
Japanese こんにちは アン Kon'nichiwa An Hello, Anne Akiko Usagawa July 2008
Korean 빨강머리 앤이 어렸을 적에 Ppalgang meoli Aen-i eolyeoss-eul jeog-e Red-haired Anne's Childhood 2008
Polish Droga do Zielonego Wzgórza Road to Green Gables Agnieszka Kuc 2009
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