This is a list of all the characters, places and things that appeared in Anne of the Island.


Main charactersEdit

Other charactersEdit

Green Gables residentsEdit

Andrews familyEdit

Barry familyEdit

Bell familyEdit

  • Frank Bell (mentioned only)

Blewett familyEdit

Blythe familyEdit

Boulter familyEdit

Cotton familyEdit

  • Timothy Cotton (mentioned only)
  • Pete Cotton
  • Tommy Cotton
  • Adolphus Cotton
  • Mirabel Cotton

Fletcher familyEdit

Gardner familyEdit

Gillis familyEdit

Gordon familyEdit

  • Phil's old aunt (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Gordon (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Gordon (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Gordon, Sr. (mentioned only)
  • Emily (mentioned only)
  • Mark (mentioned only)
  • Grandmother Gordon (mentioned only)

Irving familyEdit

MacPherson familyEdit

  • Moody Spurgeon MacPherson
  • Malcolm MacPherson (mentioned only)
  • Olivia MacPherson (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Malcolm MacPherson (mentioned only)

Maynard familyEdit

  • Aunt Jamesina
  • James (mentioned only)
  • Elizabeth (mentioned only)
  • Jamesina's mother (mentioned only)
  • Jamesina's husband (mentioned only)
  • Jamesina's daughter (mentioned only)

Pye familyEdit

Sloane familyEdit

  • Charlie Sloane
  • Carrie Sloane
  • Mr. Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Peter Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Sloane (Peter) (mentioned only)
  • Grandmother Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Silas Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Sloane (Silas) (mentioned only)
  • Josiah Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Hiram Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Sloane (Hiram) (mentioned only)
  • Dorcas Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Dorcas Sloane's husband (mentioned only)
  • Dorcas Sloane's 8 step-children (mentioned only)
  • Dorcas Sloane's sister-in-law (mentioned only)

Spofford familyEdit

Thomas familyEdit

White familyEdit

  • Em White (mentioned only)

Wright familyEdit

Avonlea residentsEdit

Bolingbroke residentsEdit

  • Bertha Shirley (mentioned only)
  • Walter Shirley (mentioned only)
  • Woman in the Yellow House
  • Woman's daughter (mentioned only)
  • Woman's baby (mentioned only)
  • Man who lisps (mentioned only)

Carmody residentsEdit

  • Morgan Bell (mentioned only)
  • William Blair (mentioned only)
  • Stephen Clark (mentioned only)
  • Prissy Strong (mentioned only)

East Grafton residentsEdit

  • Alice Penhallow (mentioned only)

Kingsport residentsEdit

  • Hannah Harvey
  • Ada Harvey
  • Albert Crawford
  • Alexander Ross
  • Mrs. Poyser (mentioned only)
  • Unnamed millionaire
  • Millionaire's mother (mentioned only)
  • Millionaire's wife (mentioned only)

Prospect Point residentsEdit

  • Emily's neighbour (mentioned only)
  • Emily's neighbour's three daughters (mentioned only)
  • Emily's neighbour's hired man (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Lilly (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Phinney (mentioned only)
  • Maria Grimsby (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Grant (mentioned only)

Spencervale residentsEdit

  • Atossa Coates
  • Samuel Coates (mentioned only)
  • Atossa's mother (mentioned only)
  • Atossa's father (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Kimball (mentioned only)
  • Leonard Kimball (mentioned only)
  • Sarah Copp (mentioned only)
  • Martha Copp (mentioned only)

Valley Road residentsEdit

West Grafton residentsEdit

  • Oliver Kimball (mentioned only)
  • Will Ludovic Speed (mentioned only)
  • Theodora Dix (mentioned only)
  • Arnold Sherman (mentioned only)

White Sands residentsEdit

  • Thomas Blewett (mentioned only)
  • Isaac Wright (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wright (Isaac) (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wright's grandfather (mentioned only)

Canada residentsEdit

  • Mr. Inglis
  • Aunt Jamesina's friend (mentioned only)

USA residentsEdit

Redmond College studentsEdit

  • Christine Stuart
  • Ronald Stuart (mentioned only)
  • Dan Ranger (mentioned only)
  • Allie Boone (mentioned only)
  • Margaret Burton (mentioned only)
  • Jennie Cooper (mentioned only)
  • Will Leslie (mentioned only)
  • George Parker (mentioned only)
  • Marr Holworthy (mentioned only)
  • First grade student (mentioned only)
  • Second grade student (mentioned only)
  • Second grade female student (mentioned only)
  • Clever boy (mentioned only)

Country village residentsEdit

  • Stella's 4 years old student (mentioned only)
  • Stella's 20 years old student (mentioned only)
  • Tommy (mentioned only)
  • Tommy's mother (mentioned only)
  • Johnny (mentioned only)
  • Suzie (mentioned only)
  • Suzie's father (mentioned only)
  • Dick (mentioned only)
  • Dick's aunt (mentioned only)
  • Brown boy (mentioned only)


  • Reverend Allan
  • Mrs. Allan
  • Jonas Blake
  • Candidate (mentioned only)
  • Dr. Davis (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Harvey (mentioned only)
  • Avonlea minister (mentioned only)
  • New Avonlea minister (mentioned only)
  • Spencervale minister (mentioned only)
  • Valley Road minister (mentioned only)
  • Avonlea minister's wife (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Allan's mother (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Allan's two sisters (mentioned only)

Teachers and professorsEdit

  • Muriel Stacy (mentioned only)
  • prof. Hamilton (mentioned only)
  • prof. Woodleigh (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Holmes (mentioned only)
  • Miss Carson (mentioned only)
  • Maths professor (mentioned only)
  • Spencervale teacher (mentioned only)


  • Averil Lester
  • Percival Dalrymple (mentioned only)
  • Maurice Lennox (mentioned only)
  • Robert Ray (mentioned only)
  • Raymund Fitzosborne (mentioned only)
  • Nora (mentioned only)
  • Golden Lady (mentioned only)
  • Twin Sailors (mentioned only)



  • Mr. Grant (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Josiah Allen (mentioned only)
  • Alec (mentioned only)
  • Alonzo (mentioned only)
  • Soldier (mentioned only)
  • Joe Mosey (mentioned only)
  • Leon (mentioned only)
  • Pacifique Boute
  • Charlotte E. Morgan (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Dawson (mentioned only)
  • Jim Elmwood (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Elmwood (mentioned only)
  • Dan Winston (mentioned only)
  • Milton Edwards (mentioned only)
  • Horatio Reeve (mentioned only)
  • Mark Tapley (mentioned only)
  • Phil's handmaid (mentioned only)
  • Doctor (mentioned only)
  • Jamesina's beau (mentioned only)
  • Avonlea dressmaker (mentioned only)
  • Cooker (mentioned only)
  • Handmaid (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Harrison's hired boy (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Barry's hired boy (mentioned only)
  • Josephine Barry's lawyer (mentioned only)
  • Postman (mentioned only)
  • Doctor (mentioned only)
  • Doctor (mentioned only)
  • Nurse (mentioned only)



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