This is a list of all the characters, places and things that appeared in Anne of Avonlea.


Main charactersEdit

Other charactersEdit

Andrews familyEdit

Atkins familyEdit

  • Nelson Atkins (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Atkins (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Atkins (mentioned only)

Barry familyEdit

Bell familyEdit

  • Julia Bell
  • Rose Bell (mentioned only)
  • Esther Bell (mentioned only)
  • Hannah Bell (mentioned only)
  • Sally Bell (mentioned only)
  • Sally Bell's cousin (mentioned only)
  • Eliza Bell (mentioned only)
  • Eliza Bell's aunt (mentioned only)
  • Annetta Bell
  • Annetta Bell's mother (mentioned only)
  • Annetta Bell's father (mentioned only)
  • Mary Bell (mentioned only)
  • Lawrence Bell (mentioned only)
  • Jasper Bell (mentioned only)
  • Jasper Bell's wife (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Bell (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Bell (mentioned only)
  • William Bell (mentioned only)
  • William Bell's wife
  • Robert Bell (mentioned only)
  • Robert Bell's wife (mentioned only)

Blair familyEdit

  • Daniel Blair
  • Daniel Blair's wife (mentioned only)
  • Daniel Blair's sister-in-law (mentioned only)

Boulter familyEdit

  • Levi Boulter
  • Levi Boulter's wife (mentioned only)
  • Milty Boulter
  • Milty Boulter's mother (mentioned only)
  • Thomas Boulter (mentioned only)
  • Hester Boulter (mentioned only)

Bowman familyEdit

Clay familyEdit

  • Aurelia Clay (mentioned only)
  • Annetta Clay (mentioned only)
  • Ned Clay (mentioned only)
  • Edward Blake Clay (mentioned only)
  • Edward Blake Clay's father (mentioned only)
  • Edward Blake Clay's uncle (mentioned only)

Cotton familyEdit

  • Timothy Cotton (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Cotton (mentioned only)
  • Alice Louise Cotton (mentioned only)
  • Mirabel Cotton (mentioned only)
  • Cotton girl (mentioned only)
  • Mirabel Cotton's uncle (mentioned only)

Cuthbert familyEdit

Dickson familyEdit

  • Robert Dickson (mentioned only)
  • Robert Dickson's wife (mentioned only)
  • Alberta Dickson (mentioned only)

Donnell familyEdit

  • Jacob Donnell
  • Clarice Almira Donnell
  • Mrs. Donnell
  • H. B. Donnell (mentioned only)
  • Jacob Donnell (mentioned only)
  • Jacob Donnell's 3 sons (mentioned only)

Fletcher familyEdit

  • Simon Fletcher (mentioned only)
  • Simon Fletcher's wife (mentioned only)
  • Simon Fletcher's mother-in-law (mentioned only)
  • Jane Elllen Fletcher (mentioned only)
  • Abraham Fletcher (mentioned only)

Gillis familyEdit

  • Ruby Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Myra Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Jack Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Emerson Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Emerson Gillis' uncles (mentioned only)

Grant familyEdit

Gray familyEdit

Harrison familyEdit

Irving familyEdit

Keith familyEdit

Lewis familyEdit

  • Lavendar Lewis
  • Mrs. Lewis (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Lewis (mentioned only)
  • Lavendar Lewis' 3 siblings (mentioned only)
  • Lavendar Lewis' cousins (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Lewis' brother (mentioned only)
  • Old Mr. Lewis (mentioned only)
  • Old Mrs. Lewis (mentioned only)

Lynde familyEdit

  • Rachel Lynde
  • Thomas Lynde
  • Eliza Lynde (mentioned only)
  • Eliza Lynde's husband (mentioned only)
  • Eliza Lynde's son (mentioned only)
  • Other Rachel Lynde's children (mentioned only)
  • Thomas Lynde's mother (mentioned only)

MacPherson familyEdit

Maynard familyEdit

Parker familyEdit

Pendexter familyEdit

  • Mrs. Pendexter
  • Mr. Pendexter (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Pendexter's sister (mentioned only)
  • English earl (mentioned only)

Pye familyEdit

  • Gertie Pye
  • Anthony Pye
  • Joshua Pye
  • Gertie Pye's father (mentioned only)
  • Roger Pye (mentioned only)
  • John Andrew Pye (mentioned only)
  • George Pye (mentioned only)
  • George Pye's wife (mentioned only)

Rogerson familyEdit

  • Prillie Rogerson
  • Mr. Rogerson (mentioned only)
  • Prillie Rogerson's grandmother (mentioned only)

Shaw familyEdit

  • Barbara Shaw
  • Barbara's aunt (mentioned only)
  • Aunt Mary (mentioned only)
  • Uncle Joseph (mentioned only)
  • Aunt Mary Shaw (mentioned only)

Sloane familyEdit

  • Arty Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Peter Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Peter Sloane's wife (mentioned only)
  • Clifton Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Benjie Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Carrie Sloane
  • Charlie Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Lily Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Jenny Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Chester Sloane
  • Chester Sloane's grandmother (mentioned only)
  • Teddy Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Morgan Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Morgan Sloane's wife (mentioned only)
  • Hiram Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Hiram Sloane's wife (mentioned only)
  • Jabez Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Silas Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Joe Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Warren Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Josiah Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Oliver Sloane

Spencer familyEdit

  • Major Spencer (mentioned only)
  • James Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Isabella Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Andrew Spencer (mentioned only)

White familyEdit

  • Claude White (mentioned only)
  • Marjory White (mentioned only)
  • Willie White (mentioned only)
  • Willie White's aunt (mentioned only)
  • Theodore White (mentioned only)
  • Theodore White's wife
  • James White (mentioned only)
  • James White's wife
  • Lorenzo White
  • Lorenzo White's son (mentioned only)
  • Lorenzo White's 7 daughters (mentioned only)
  • Lauretta White
  • Lauretta White's mother (mentioned only)
  • Milton White (mentioned only)
  • Milton White's first wife (mentioned only)
  • Milton White's second wife (mentioned only)

Wright familyEdit

  • Fred Wright
  • Fred Wright's father (mentioned only)
  • Elisha Wright (mentioned only)
  • Lottie Wright (mentioned only)
  • Eben Wright (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Wright (mentioned only)
  • Cliffie Wright (mentioned only)

Brighton residentsEdit

  • Mr. Reed (mentioned only)

Carmody residentsEdit

East Grafton residentsEdit

  • Henry Sprott (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Sprott (mentioned only)
  • Jimmy Sprott (mentioned only)
  • Henry Sprott's daughter (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Wiggins (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wiggins (mentioned only)

West Grafton residentsEdit

  • Ella Kimball (mentioned only)
  • Oliver Kimball (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Kimball (mentioned only)
  • John Kimball (mentioned only)

White Sands residentsEdit

  • John Henry Carter
  • Mrs. Carter (mentioned only)
  • Andrew Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Louisa Jane Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Isaac Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Peter Blewett (mentioned only)
  • Peter Blewett's wife (mentioned only)
  • Tommy Blewett (mentioned only)

Newbridge residentsEdit

  • Jerry Corcoran
  • Diana's uncle Charles Murray (mentioned only)

Spencervale residentsEdit

  • Sarah Copp
  • Martha Copp (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Coop (mentioned only)
  • Luther Wallace (mentioned only)
  • Martin Bovyer (mentioned only)
  • Wesley Keyson (mentioned only)
  • Mary Sentner (mentioned only)

Charlottetown residentsEdit

  • Irene Trent (mentioned only)

Ministers with familyEdit

  • Rev. Allan
  • Mrs. Allan
  • Rev. Allan's son (mentioned only)
  • Rev. Allan's dead child (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Baxter (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Baxter (mentioned only)
  • Minister who wrote love-letter to Mrs. Clay (mentioned only)
  • Scottsford minister (mentioned only)
  • Scottsford minister's wife (mentioned only)
  • Unnamed minister (mentioned only)

Teachers and professorsEdit

  • Muriel Stacy
  • Teddy Phillips
  • Miss Rogerson (mentioned only)
  • Prof. Rennie (mentioned only)
  • Prof. Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Prof. Hamilton (mentioned only)
  • School inspector (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Harrison's teacher (mentioned only)


  • Amesbury (mentioned only)
  • Grant (mentioned only)




  • Mary Joe
  • Veronica
  • Bright River station agent (mentioned only)
  • Bright River station agent's son
  • Mail carrier
  • Martin (mentioned only)
  • Martin's 4 aunts (mentioned only)
  • Family with children in the old house (mentioned only)
  • Butcher (mentioned only)



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