This is a list of all the characters, places and things that appeared in Anne's House of Dreams.


Main charactersEdit

Other charactersEdit

Baker/Clow familyEdit

  • Susan Baker
  • Matilda Clow (mentioned only)
  • James Clow (mentioned only)
  • James' nephew (mentioned only)
  • James' nephew's wife (mentioned only)

Blythe familyEdit

Bryant familyEdit

  • Anne Bryant (mentioned only)
  • Nellie (mentioned only)
  • Cornelia's brother (mentioned only)
  • Flora (mentioned only)
  • Flora's husband (mentioned only)

Boyd familyEdit

  • Alec Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Margaret Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Joe Boyd (mentioned only)
  • Joe's mother (mentioned only)

Crawford familyEdit

  • William Crawford (mentioned only)
  • Captain Crawford (mentioned only)

Elliott familyEdit

MacAllister familyEdit

  • Neil MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • Sandy MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • William MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • John MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. John MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • Roderick MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Roderick MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • Alec MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • Angus MacAllister (mentioned only)
  • Alexander MacAllister (mentioned only)

Milgrave familyEdit

  • Ebenezer Milgrave (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Ebenezer Milgrave (mentioned only)

Moore familyEdit

  • Dick Moore (mentioned only)
  • Abner Moore (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Abner Moore (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Moore (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Moore (mentioned only)
  • Miss Moore (mentioned only)
  • George's fiancée (mentioned only)

Russell familyEdit

  • Raymond Russell (mentioned only)
  • Elizabeth Russell (mentioned only)
  • Alec Russell (mentioned only)
  • Ned Russell (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Ned Russell (mentioned only)
  • Elizabeth's uncle (mentioned only)

Selwyn/Leigh familyEdit

  • John Selwyn (mentioned only)
  • Persis Leigh (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Leigh (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Leigh (mentioned only)
  • Alice Selwyn (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Ford (mentioned only)
  • Persis's uncle (mentioned only)
  • John's great-great grandmother (mentioned only)

West familyEdit

  • Frank West (mentioned only)
  • Kenneth West (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. West (mentioned only)
  • Isaac West (mentioned only)

Wright familyEdit

Anne's friendsEdit

Green Gables residentsEdit

Avonlea residentsEdit

Four Winds residentsEdit

  • Joe Bradshaw (mentioned only)
  • Leon Blacquiere (mentioned only) 
  • Carpenter Johnson (mentioned only)
  • Louisa Baldwin (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Allonby (mentioned only)
  • Peter Gauntier (mentioned only)
  • Jennie Dean (mentioned only)
  • Jennie Dean's husband (mentioned only)
  • John Ward (mentioned only)
  • Tom Holt (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Holt (mentioned only)
  • Amos Grant (mentioned only)
  • Peter Stimson (mentioned only)
  • Rhoda Allonby (mentioned only)
  • Amelia Baxter (mentioned only)
  • Horace Baxter (mentioned only)
  • Robert Baxter (mentioned only)
  • Elder Richards (mentioned only)
  • Henry Pollock (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Pollock (mentioned only)
  • Margaret (mentioned only)
  • Margaret's father (mentioned only)

Glen St. Mary residentsEdit

  • Mr. Howard (mentioned only)
  • William Ford (mentioned only)
  • Allan Lyons (mentioned only)
  • Martin Strong (mentioned only)
  • Augustus Palmer (mentioned only)
  • Henry Hammond (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Hammond (mentioned only)
  • William Drew (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. William Drew (mentioned only)
  • Bertie Shakespeare Drew (mentioned only)
  • Carter Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Stanley Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Peter "Big Baby" Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Isaac "Little Baby" Flagg (mentioned only)
  • Peter (mentioned only)
  • Isaac (mentioned only)
  • Big Neil MacNab (mentioned only)
  • Little Neil MacNab (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Fred Proctor (mentioned only)
  • Fred Proctor (mentioned only)
  • Eighth Proctors' child (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Morgan (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Morgan (mentioned only)
  • Morgan children (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Reese (mentioned only)
  • Reese baby (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Parker (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Wallace (mentioned only)
  • 2 Gilman boys (mentioned only)

Ministers and familiesEdit

  • Mr. Allan
  • Mrs. Allan
  • Simon Bentley (mentioned only)
  • Father Chiniguy (mentioned only)
  • New methodist minister (mentioned only)
  • Previous methodist minister (mentioned only)
  • Previous methodist minister's wife (mentioned only)
  • Presbyterian minister (mentioned only)
  • Presbyterian minister's wife (mentioned only)
  • Old minister (mentioned only)

Canada residentsEdit

  • Mr. Inglis (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Roy Gardner (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Daly (mentioned only)
  • Alec (mentioned only)
  • Alonzo (mentioned only)
  • Tom (mentioned only)
  • Hammond children (mentioned only)



  • Golden Lady (mentioned only)
  • Twins Sailors (mentioned only)
  • Nora (mentioned only)


  • Priscilla's husband (mentioned only)
  • Jim Hastings (mentioned only)
  • Aunt Jamesina's daughter (mentioned only)
  • Prince of Wales (mentioned only)
  • Captain of Royal William (mentioned only)
  • Captain's wife (mentioned only)
  • Boy with buggy (mentioned only)
  • Hired man (mentioned only)
  • Hired man's wife (mentioned only)
  • Hired man's baby (mentioned only)
  • Hired man (mentioned only)
  • Marshall's housekeeper (mentioned only)
  • Cornelia's school chum (mentioned only)
  • Organist (mentioned only)
  • Girl form fishing village (mentioned only)
  • Dr. Crabb (mentioned only)
  • Doctor from town (mentioned only)
  • Nurse (mentioned only)
  • Nurse (mentioned only)



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