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Norman Douglas was the husband of Ellen West.


Early life[]

Norman was probably born in the 1850s in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas. He was raised there and most likely attended Glen St. Mary school. Probably there he met Ellen West for the first time. When he was older, he fell in love with her.

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Norman, as he grew older, stopped attending the Presbyterian church, pastored by Reverend John Knox Meredith. When he did so, Faith Meredith, a fiery lass, came to him and asked that he return, and pay the salary. After some pressure, Norman agreed, on the condition that the Reverend preach on hell once a year.

Marriage with Ellen[]

Norman was pleased to finally get Ellen, as is apparent in Rainbow Valley. He had to ask Ellen's permission and Rosemary's, though, in order to finally get his bride.


Physical appearance[]


Norman is a male given name of Old German origin and means northerner.


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