Nora Edith Wilcox (née Nelson) was the daughter of Samuel and Jane Nelson, the sister of Tommy and Sally and the wife of Jim Wilcox.


Early lifeEdit

Nora was born in 1860 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Samuel and Jane Nelson. She was raised there along with Sally, Tommy and other siblings and also with Jim Wilcox. They've been friends ever since they were kids. When she put a light up in the little window in the attic, Jim sailed across at once. They went everywhere together.

Wedding of Sally Nelson and Gordon HillEdit

Aunt Mouser was invited for Sally's wedding and she reminded to Nora that she is still single. When Jud Taylor reminded that to her, she went to him and slapped him, first on one side of his face and then on the other.

In the evening she told Anne about her relationship with Jim.

"I love Jim... and I want to get married."
—Nora Nelson to Anne Shirley.

Nora, as Sally's sister, should be her bridesmaid, but she refused and Anne Shirley took her position. She helped in the kitchen with cooking and played the wedding march because Vera Johnson had terrible headache.

After the wedding, Anne set a light in the window (which had been Nora and Jim's old signal system) and forgot about it. In the night everyone in the house woke up because they heard a noise. At first, they thought Nora was being chloroformed but later Nora revealed that Jim Wilcox was only trying to stop her nose bleed because she had bumped into the library door.

"I wasn't asleep... I was sitting at my window... I hadn't undressed... and I saw a man coming up from the shore. When he got near the house I knew it was Jim, so I ran down. And I... I ran into the library door and made my nose bleed. He's just been trying to stop it."
—Nora Nelson

Grace told him that he must marry her. Jim proposed to her and she agreed.

"And yet I was fool enough to tear over here in the dead of night because I thought you'd put our old signal in the window and wanted me! Ask you to marry me! Well, I'll ask you now and have done with it and you can have the fun of turning me down before all this gang. Nora Edith Nelson, will you marry me?"
—Jim Wilcox proposed Nora.


Nora and Jim got married in September 1888. They had a small wedding and didn't invite Aunt Mouser.


Physical appearanceEdit

"Nora Nelson had magnificent black hair, dusky eyes, heavy black brows and velvety red cheeks. Her nose was beginning to look a trifle hawk-like and she had never been accounted pretty..."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 15, The First Year[src]


Nora is a female given name of English origin, short form of Honoria or Eleanor which means honour. Arabic name Nurah means light and Hebrew Norah means awesome. Edith is a female given name of Old English origin and means strife for wealth.

  • Nora shared name with Nora, imaginary friend of Paul Irving.


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