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Nathaniel "Nate" is one of the men who robbed Jerry Baynard in Charlottetown, and a new boarder at Green Gables.


Nathaniel and Dunlop appear towards the end of the first season of Anne with an E as two unnamed men in Charlottetown who beat up Jerry Baynard to steal the money he has received after selling the Cuthberts' horse. After their attack on Jerry, they discuss their plans in a coffee shop, where Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe are also having a discussion of their own. They decide to respond to the advertisement placed by Marilla Cuthbert to allow boarders at Green Gables. Nathaniel and Dunlop arrive separately at Green Gables as new boarders and acting as though they have never met.

In the beginning of the second season, the two men have integrated themselves into the household at Green Gables. Jerry initially does not recognize the men as his attackers from Charlottetown, though he is wary of them. Nathaniel has told the local residents that he is a geologist and is conducting a land survey for an American company. Anne becomes interested in geology, and Nathaniel actively hides his irritation with her and does not allow her to accompany him at work. It is soon revealed that he and Dunlop are actually con artists. Their scam involves Nathaniel pretending to be a sympathetic geologist who has found gold in the area and encourages the residents to invest making land claims to obtain the gold instead of the company he claims to work for. To maintain the charade, he initially charms Marilla, who becomes disillusioned when Nathaniel begins to ignore her in favour of the potential investors in Avonlea. Nathaniel also secretly harasses and threatens Jerry, who realizes that Nathaniel and Dunlop mugged him in Charlottetown.

Nathaniel and Dunlop successfully obtain considerable sums from the Avonlea residents before their scheme is exposed and they are forced to run. When Dunlop tries to break off their partnership and take all the money so he can continue living in Avonlea, he and Nathaniel fight. Nathaniel abandons Dunlop in a hole dug at the site where he pretended to find gold, and successfully leaves with the savings of many Avonlea residents.

Physical appearance[]

Nathaniel, commonly known as Nate, has brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.


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Nathaniel proves to be a deceitful and cunning character who is able to manipulate and charm most of the Avonlea community.


Mr. Dunlop[]

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